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In today's jade market, compared with the high price of Hetian white jade, the price of Hetian ink jade is still relatively low. As a substitute for white jade, ink jade name necklace cheap will inevitably attract attention, and the price will respond to market rules and gradually rise. In the past two years, the heat and price of Hetian jade and jadeite were too high, which made many people deterred, so they turned their attention to the ink jade necklace with picture market. The characteristic

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1 month ago

Synthetic emerald

The principle of the hydrothermal method is to use a high-temperature and high-pressure aqueous solution to dissolve substances which are insoluble or poorly soluble under atmospheric conditions, or to react to form a dissolved product of the substance customized necklace. By controlling the temperature difference of the solution in the autoclave, the supersaturated state is formed by convection, and the crystal is precipitated. The method of synthesis of emeralds by hydrothermal method is simpl

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For example, the ordinary village women wearing jade bracelets with few clothes at home do not need to matching their clothes every day because they don’t have the energy and conditions at that time. It ask them to wear pendant everyday when they working, they will feel physically cumbersome and psychologically prone to an overly unassuming tension (most of the village women lack internal confidence). But the love of beauty personalized photo pendant necklace is still all people have, this is lo

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