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1. Crossover combination method

The active load is applied to the structure layer by layer, and the internal forces of the whole structure are calculated separately. The most unfavorable internal force is composed according to different components, different sections and different internal forces. In order to reduce the computational workload, consider taking into account the live load of the roof.

2. The most unfavorable load position method

In order to find the most unfavorable internal for

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When dealing with connected nodes, the following basic principles are required:

Safe and reliable. The force analysis should be as close as possible to the actual working condition, and the calculation sketch should be consistent with or close to the actual connection condition of the component; the joint should have a clear force transmission route and reliable construction guarantee.


1.The flexible connection of the beam and column (the connection between the axial column and the beam is

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How to galvanized steel structure?

The articles to be galvanized shall be cleaned and fluxed to a condition that will allow the galvanizing reaction to take place. The molten metal in the working area of the galvanizing bath shall contain not less than 98% by mass of zinc. The bath may contain certain deliberately added elements to achieve special properties. The process of Hot Dip Galvanize was:

The galvanized coating shall be continuous and as smooth and evenly distributed as possible and

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For steel structure building, there are some clients request the main structure surface need be treated with HDG, espeically for those clients from Europ, Australia, New Zealand and some areas which has the specifical geographical environment, like saline and alkaline land.

Hot dip galvanizing( HDG), is the process of dipping fabrication into melted zinc pool. Even the process is simple, it provides advantages over other anti-corrosion methods.

What are the benefits of HDG?

1 Lower Costs.


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It is a comprehensive problem to chose the best cooling method for steel structure workshop. Firstly, you need to find the factors to influence temperature of the workshop, then think about how to solve this problem according to those factors. Here are some questions about cooling steel structure workshop before taking solutions.

Ventilation Cooling System

When machines are is running, it will produce heat and vapor, if they can not discharge in time, they will accumulate in the workshop which

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The Function Of Steel Structure Supporting System

1.Forming a longitudinal frame with the load-bearing frame to ensure the overall stability and longitudinal stiffness of the main frame during installation and usage.

2.Provide reliable support for the outer plane of the rigid frame or reduce the calculated length outside the plane of the rigid frame.


The Composition Of Supporting System

1.Horizontal support. The solid web frame should be supported horizontally on the upper flange of the b

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The height dimension or relative position (±) of the steel column after installation is out of tolerance, so that the total height of each column and the height deviation value at the calf leg are inconsistent.

The reasons are:

The base elevation is incorrect or biased.

The length dimension of the steel column production stage is out of tolerance.

Or when the basic elevation is adjusted and processed during installation, it is not combined with the actual length (height) of the steel column,

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The deviation of the verticality of the steel column exceeds the value allowed by the design or specification. The reasons are as follows:

Steel column is not made to take control deformation measures, or there is bending deformation without straightening.

Or because the hoisting process and the hoisting roof panel program are unreasonable, the bending and deformation is caused by the action of temperature, wind and external force.

Or the span of the truss has a deviation, and the external fo

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First, the choice of building length and width of steel structure

In general, the principle of length greater than width should be followed when arranging the column net, which can reduce the amount of steel for the rigid frame, and also reduce the wind load supported by the column, thereby reducing the amount of steel in the support system.

Second, the choice of column spacing of steel building

The comparison of technical economy shows that the most economic column under standard load is 8~9

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Also known as steel plate, building profiled steel plate, the galvanized steel plate is formed by rolling cold bending, its cross-section is V-shaped, U-shaped, trapezoidal or similar

shapes, mainly used as the permanent template in steel structure building, also Selected for other purposes.

In the use stage, the floor slab is used as the tensile reinforcement of the concrete slab, which also increases the rigidity of the slab and saves the amount of steel and concrete.


The embossing on

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