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Confidence is a super power. I started XainaLou as a womens fashion company where we believe in empowering women to be bold effortlessly. Fashion is one thing that women can harness and make it their own, and my goal is to reach those who are in need of a confidence supplement. Not only do we provide fashion power pieces to women, but we also aspire and continue to spread our message as best as we can in hopes that we will be the drop that starts the ripple.

website: www.xainalou.com

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Chic style never goes out of date, learn how to make it your own.


  1. Learn what styles of clothing look best on your body.
  2.  Invest in timeless pieces, not the trendy pieces.
  3.  Classic cuts and classic lined clothing are your best friends.
  4.  Reorganize your wardrobe using the 80/20 rule, and what fits your new styles. It’s wardrobe rehab time.

5. Layering is where it’s at, especially in the winter time. Go ahead and layer up a button up shirt under a sweater to give your outfit a little spi

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