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Most of today's #ITCompanies and #Governments are urging to improve the quality of their transactions and decentralize there work through building #BlockchainApplications. Read more to learn about the underlying challenges exists in the development of #Android or #iOSApps.

Click to know:- Challenges While Developing Android or iOS App with Blockchain.

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Managing a #SmartBusiness is far apart from conventional businesses that are into inveterate practices of making calls, texting and emailing for attracting customers.

Read further to learn more about #InboundMarketingStrategies and how it influences in developing your business exponentially.

Learn more at Top Inbound Marketing Strategies That Can Draw Your Customers Like Bees.

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Expo 2020 Dubai

What Will Be the Key Takeaways from #EXPO2020 for Businesses? Read to know more about what EXPO 2020 offers in terms of #Economy, #DigitalTransformation and #Partnership for your Businesses.

Click to know:- EXPO 2020 Key Takeaways

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cloud #CloudMobileAppDevelopment is the new trend in the market and you can use it efficiently to speed up your business growth.

Learn more at http://bit.ly/33himBa.


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In 2019 #Dubai has achieved innumerable #DigitalTransformations in Software and IT Infrastructure with huge investments coming from TECOM. Read further to familiarise yourself about the prevailing Tech Run initiated by Oracle, IoT and 5G Networks in detail.

Learn more at What Dubai Has Achieved in Tech Run In 2019?.

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mobile web vs mobile app #MobileWebsites and #MobileApps are becoming a lot more similar in their usage. However, they are two different applications that can be put into practice. We have elaborately broken down each step to explain the benefits of mobile apps over websites in terms of user experiences. Click to know:- Mobile Websites Vs. Mobile Apps. #MobileWebsitesVsMobileApps #Way2Smile continue reading →

 UI design principles for popular mobile apps

Mobile apps and the importance of UI designUI is like a sublime soul of any popular mobile app and is one of the core reasons behind the sustainable popularity of any mobile application. One of the recently popularizing mobile app is a credit card payment aggregator, Cred. It has been in the news for its exceptional UI imparting an excellent user experience.

All you need is a perfect UI to make a mobile app reach the masses. Find out the Key #UIdesign principles for a Successful #MobileApp.

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IoT in financial and banking industry

The #DigitalTransformation in Banking and Financial Industries using #AI, #Blockchain and #IoT Technologies is growing at a rapid phase. It results in identity management of relevant customers and efficient on-field personals and then develop an integrated banking ecosystem.

Learn more at Internet of Things (IoT) in Banking and Financial industry.

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native vs hybrid

Understand the key differences of #Native and #Hybrid apps platforms becomes inevitable for today’s businesses when it comes to selecting the right technology framework and then develop #MobileApps ingrained with best user experiences.

Learn more at Native & Hybrid Mobile App Development.

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The preference for #ProgressiveWebApps is more than its Native counterpart since it offers data driven business applications. It is a perfect bridge that unites Enterprise Webpage and Product landing page in the way of customer attraction.

Learn more at Why businesses prefer progressive web apps?

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