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At Vedaearth, we strive to introduce our customers to the goodness of all natural therapeutic experiences. Our skin care products like Ayurvedic aromatherapy products, are sourced from natural ingredients, which when used right ensure healthy hair, skin and overall wellness. What’s more, we are PETA certified as vegan and cruelty free, and none of our products undergo animal testing. This is our way of giving back to nature that has given us so much.


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The growing rage of essential oils has also provided a significant growth in alternative use for this wonder oils. While topical use, where the oils are mixed with carriers, is still one of the most common use, essential oils are also used in diffusers to derive the same benefits. Specifically the benefit of aromatherapy. Using diffusers with essential oils can help you sleep, relieve stress, reduce negative emotions, soothe pain and assure a general aura of wellness. Here’s Diffuser handy guide

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Why Are Dark Circles Caused?

There are many reasons why dark circles are caused. Bad genes play an important role in determining the presence of dark circles in adulthood.

Eczema and allergies are also among the leading reasons for dark circles to appear under the eyes. Since the skin in this part of the face is delicate, excessive rubbing can cause inflammation, swelling and discolouration.

Constant exposure to the sun can also be one of the main reasons why the skin under the eye looks da

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Here is a detailed information on how to bust the stress out of your life. Read on to find out more.

Relieve stress by using herbs: Consuming topic herbs is one of the ways to treat chronic stress. Since they are super-nutrients, they help in boosting energy, provide a sense of well-being and improve physiological functioning. They are usually found as capsules, powder, tablets, tea or tincture form. Some of the herbs are – ashwaganda, chamomile (a herb which has a mild sedative effect), vale

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Dandruff is a fairly common hair and scalp problem that affects of billions of people across the globe. In dire cases, the reasons for dandruff might be dry scalp, fungal infection, or sensitivity to certain types of hair care products. While it is often attributed to bad hygiene, it couldn’t be far from the truth. However, washing the hair and brushing it regularly can help treat the condition quite effectively.

Dandruff itself can result in a host of scalp problems like dryness, itchiness, gr

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Skin ageing, like all natural processes, should be slow and deliberate. Wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation, sun spots, dryness and lack of elasticity over time are all signs of ageing. Most factors that affect the skin’s ageing process are hereditary. However, external factors too can cause the skin to age prematurely. By caring for the skin and adopting some preventive measures one can protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and sun. Here are a few ways in which you can protec

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Oily skin is the gateway to many skin problems like acne, pimples, and skin that looks perpetually sticky. While it is impossible to change the composition of the skin itself, it is possible to regulate and control the excessive oil production in the skin. Here are a few natural face packs for oily skin.

Charcoal Face Pack: Activated charcoal is a goldmine of cleansing properties. It is often used in charcoal soaps, face packs, even toothpastes!

@Make a DIY face pack with a tablespoon of activ

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Essential oils are highly concentrated phytochemical derived from distillation of various plant parts such as leaves, roots, flowers, etc. These non-water soluble oils have been in use for thousands of years as alternative treatment options, and are well known for propagating psychological and physiological wellness. Aromatherapy essential oils are fast growing in popularity these days, owing to their multiple benefits and offerings.

Common Essential Oils And Their Benefits:

Peppermint Essenti

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The reasons for dry itchy skin are aplenty. Dry winter weather is among the most common culprits, but something as seemingly innocuous as the daily bath (hot water and excessive scrubbing with a dry towel) can also cause dry skin. Lack of moisture doesn’t necessary require the intervention of a dermatologist, especially when caught early. Incorporating several home remedies and natural skin care products into the daily/ weekly skin care routine can help replenish the lost moisture, thus keeping

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Essential oils are more than just aromatic oils. These oils are typically obtained through steam distillation of fragrant parts of plants like the petals, stems, roots, etc. Historically, the oils have been used as alternative medications and remedies for several maladies and illnesses. Packed with several healing properties, the essential oil for pain relief operate effectively when used individually or as blends.

Essential Oils That Act As Pain Relievers: Not all essential oils are the same,

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Here’s a list of such home remedies that might come in handy when you have to nurse a joint pain or an aching muscle next time.

Salt Water Bath:An age old practice that still holds water today, especially as an excellent remedy for bodily pains that arise due to daily stress. Adding a cup of Himalayan salt (or even rock salt) presents you with a host of wellness and soothing results. Salt is shown to stimulate circulation, which helps reduce any muscular pains and cramps. A salt water bath will

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