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Drones are no less than flying machines. They are being used a lot in today’s world for shooting videos and monitoring things. There are multiple great drones available in the market today. These drones already have their associated apps, but you can explore other relevant apps available on the play store too.

You need to make first why you are trying to do with the drone you have. Do you wish to track a location for flying, want to manage logging or any anythings else?

Here are the best drone

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With an iCloud account, you’ll only get 5GB free storage and it is not enough for most of the users. After some time, you’ll notice your iCloud storage getting low with emails, backups, app data, and other data. You have two ways to extend your iCloud storage either purchase the storage or delete files from your iCloud Drive. If you want to free up storage by deleting unnecessary and old files, then here are the guidelines for your device.



Steps to set up iCloud in Windows:

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The iPhone, iPod, and iPad are revolutionary devices that are designed by Apple. They run on the iOS operating system and have completely changed the smartphone user experience.

Everything on the iOS devices assures the best quality and expertise. Same when it comes to video calling with iPhone and iPad.

Various apps work fine with iOS devices, but there can only be few best that standouts among others. Let’s have a look at those best video calling apps.

1. Skype

Skype is one of the best vid

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In today’s fast-paced world, Social Media is the best way to connect with known, unknown people and share information. It builds a distinguished reputation and helps attract and convert potential clients for business as well. There are various ways to enhance traffic on your social media account. Here are a few of the best methods for engaging the user and generating more traffic.

1. Post Valuable Content

Content is king, and social media is all about good content. People desire relevant and e

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If the iPhone speaker isn’t working well, then it can be annoying. Of course you have headphones for listening to the music. One of the most inconvenient issues is that you can’t hear the incoming calls, alerts tones for the text message and there are no notifications for the text messages, etc.

It isn’t tough to fix the issue. There can be more than one reason for iPhone not making any sound.

  1. Check the Ringer and the Volume

It is an undeniable thing. There is no harm in starting with the

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