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DIY Protection offers the best DIY home security in Canada. Put together your own DIY security system how and where you want, without traditional security fees.


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Simple fixes around the exterior and interior of a property can prevent it from becoming a target:


Explore home security systems:

Smart Lights: Interior and exterior lights can fool burglars into thinking the home is occupied. At the very least, no one wants to break into a house when they’re highly visible under a spotlight. Some surveillance systems will come with smartphone-controlled lighting options. Owners can mix-up their lighting routine to throw off anyone w

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If you own a cottage or a second home, you’re living a life that more than half of young Canadians dream of. Second home ownership or the love for “Cottage Life” has seen a boom and is continuously growing with more and more people looking to buy a second home in the woods, on a lake or somewhere countryside. It makes for cheap vacations to escape the city noise, or bring in a little extra income as a rental property.

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It’s every homeowner’s nightmare. Home invasions are frequently portrayed in movies as suspenseful, middle-of-the-night crimes targeting wealthy families with priceless possessions. The reality is far less dramatic but even more frightening. Unlike how it’s shown on film, break-ins affect families in all neighbourhoods and regions. Similarly, the majority of these crimes take place during the middle of a weekday rather than late evenings. The reason? Burglars assume that residents will be at hom

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Wireless systems also mean that home security, in general, is easier for technicians to install, but it also means that home security companies are offering more Do It Yourself (DIY) home security options. And you don’t need to be an expert in technology or even handy to install your own DIY home alarm system. If you can hang a picture frame, you can install your own DIY home security system.

DIY Protection is proud to be at the forefront of the DIY home alarm system revolution, and we have a

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Most people love being in the water but the fun can increase twofold when there are a lot of water activities to indulge in. There are many places around the world that are blessed with exquisite water bodies like rivers, lakes, seas and oceans and is a playground for the many water enthusiasts who want to have a good time. Some of these places include Andaman and Nicobar islands, Mauritius, Maldives and Thailand. Here is a list of the various water activities that you can try in these places.

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Choosing an International tour package and travelling across the world to find one’s Heritage is a new travel trend and DNA tourism is the next big travel trend for travellers.

And it’s possible for your first generation to have relocated to another state or country for work and may have situated in a foreign land. There may be many other reasons why people don’t know much about their heritage; perhaps their parents don’t have much knowledge about their family history and can’t offer a tree to

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Imagine walking down the lane, sipping wine with fashionistas and partying with the urbanites of Milan and Paris. Or discovering new-age cities in Europe that are crafting their own identity, and you’ll realise that Europe is an extraordinary blend of modern and ancient civilisation.

Millions of people travel to Europe with good travel deals to get a taste of its culture, heritage, and history. However, Europe has so much more to offer than just the ancient ruins and rich history.

For your dre

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Kashmir, located on the northernmost part of Indian subcontinent, is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations in India.

Most of the thrill seekers and nature-lovers from across the world, search for best holiday deals for the domestic holiday package in India to enjoy an excursion in Kashmir.

With its captivating natural beauties, astonishing vistas, mesmerising valleys, charming gardens, heavenly hills, and joyful climates, Kashmir is far-famed as the Paradise of the Himalayas. It sho

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Summer is almost here, and it’s time to make plans for a vacation, away from the sweltering summer heat. and what better place to do so than at hill stations? Even historically, hill stations have been among the prime holiday destinations during summers. History shows that British generals would often whisk away to Darjeeling or Shimla or Ooty to escape the unbearable heat of the mainlands. Nothing much has changed, except the summer vacations in the hills are now affordable and favoured by ever

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Marriage is a vocation, an experience of mutual love and a symbol of trust and respect. Marriage is something that everyone starts dreaming about right from the moment they understand the meaning of it. And the hardest part after wedding is the difficulty in arriving at a destination for a honeymoon. Singapore, Mauritius, Dubai, Europe, Kashmir, Darjeeling, Kerala or Andaman are best honeymoon places and can be considered as options, but again one must choose a honeymoon destination based on the

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