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Headquartered in Bangalore, the Zuri Group Global commenced operations in India with three hotel properties. This significant launch ushered in a new approach towards luxury hospitality with a chain of luxury hotels and resorts in Goa, Bangalore, and Kumarakom, India and overseas.


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Everyone would have a dream of staying at a five-star hotel to experience the luxuries of life or some would already have. But not all hotels which claim to be five-star are really five-star in every sense. The bases to classify a five-star hotel are the look and feel of the property, quality of service, personalization of services and high-end amenities. There are many luxury 5 star hotels in Bangalore where you can dream to live the luxurious. Read on to get more information on all the service

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Kerala, the southernmost state of India is a land of diverse culture, heritage and a rich history. The state has a spectacular range of cultural festivals which depict the colorful heritage aptly. These festivals stand testament to the striking nature of the diverse music and traditions. While most holidayers arrive in Kerala to experience the geographical diversity, the captivating arts and culture scene is something that offers a holistic holiday experience. Kerala is more than just a tourist

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There are many tourist destinations in Kumarakom that showcase the real beauty of nature. Once you get here and experience how life is in this part of Kerala, you’ll never go home disappointed. What you get to explore in Kerala are its backwaters, its markets, the boat racing festivities, islands and a bird sanctuary. But here are some places that are not often mentioned but are no less breathtaking. So plan your journey and pick out the places where you want to roam about like a free bird.


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There are many tourist places in Goa for the perennial wanderer to explore. There is nothing in Goa that you cannot enjoy. If you love the sea, then there are loads of adventures waiting for you. If you love food, then there is a plethora of mouth-watering delicacies to indulge in at the many five star multi-cuisine restaurants in Goa. If you are a big fan of nature, then there is no place like Goa to admire nature’s intrinsic beauty. So here is a list of the most exciting places to visit when y

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A business conference is ideally planned when a group of professionals with a common agenda gather under one roof to discuss and conduct business. While the purpose of a conference may be serious in nature and predominantly mean business, sometimes other factors need consideration. Because, at the end of the day, you need to discover experiences beyond the conference room. Reason why hosting a business gathering in a location that is well equipped and offers much more than just business services

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