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American Flag Football League - Find latest updates about AFFL Returns 2019. Register to play individually or with your team. Godspeed vs Fighting Cancer.


AFFL: Read about the FAQ’s like how to play in the AFFL, registered teams and players, 2019 AFFL season, who can play, women’s included or flag football rules.  Have a look at American Flag Football League $1,000,000 ULTIMATE FINAL | AFFL How to Play in the AFFL?
  • Who can play? Anyone 18 or older can register to play, including women. To be eligible for the 2019 season, EVERY player must complete an application in its entirety. This includes free agents. The more information you
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Flag Football Game Rules: Read about the game’s rules before you start. A 60-minute game played over two 30 minutes halves. No blocking, kicking, or fumbles.      7-on-7, twelve person roster A 60-minute game played over two 30 minute halves

Running clock, except for the final two minutes of the second half

Field divided into four 25-yard boxes, and first downs are awarded each time the offence reaches the next box

No blocking, kicking, or fumbles — Only one lateral allowed per pl

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