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The year 2019 brings a lot of promises in technology as it has seen many unique devices in just the first quarter of the year which could lead to the establishment of remarkable trends in the upcoming days. Starting from television to watches to phones, all these gadgets have been able to exceed their predecessors in a variety of ways which makes them the gadgets to look for. With the online market booming, such as Shopclues, people bought various gadgets because of which, the future looks even

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While summer is knocking on the door, everyone is all set with their summer style. And who doesn’t love summer? After all, it is all about flaunting your style the most fashionable ways and feel good about yourself.

Each season, different trends become popular among people. Whether it is a saree, blouse or an Anarkali suit – every year trends change according to people’s preferences. This year too, the summer is bringing some exciting trends for ladies who love to pair up a blouse with a saree

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Presently, one’s DTH recharge is only a couple of snaps away with online modes. The applications used while recharging your DTH connection are great when it comes to offering hassle free approaches. As people have become busier day by day, forgetting to recharge one’s TV is a common thing. Now, stress no more!

Recharging your DTH connection from a shop has become quite old fashioned. With the presence of various applications for online DTH recharges, no one these days likes to spend extra time

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Gone are the times when movies were the only means of entertainment. Gone are the days when people watched movies only in theatres. With the advent of digital devices, the entertainment sector got revolutionized. The digital devices brought extremely affordable data packs. Now, people have access to all kinds of videos online. They can watch movies, TV shows, short films and documentaries. What makes the deal even better is that it is free. You just have to have the internet and you can watch an

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Today’s generation, especially the young have made fitness a habit. They are very keen on being fit and exercising regularly. Not everyone though follows this habit. There are many who spend the whole day in the office sitting in front of a computer, not getting enough exercise. There are those who spend the day on a comfortable couch in front of the TV. All of this can lead to serious health problems. One needs to be fit so that one can remain healthy.

No exercising leads to fat gain, which in

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Booking a movie ticket has become simpler with many online movie ticket platforms providing hassle-free services to the users. Besides, they come up with exciting deals in the form of offers, cashback and gift cards – all to entice the movie-goers to bring them to the cinema. While all this seems exciting and you may have planned a perfect movie outing with your gang, but what if some urgent work kicks in at the very last moment and you are ought to cancel your movie tickets. In these times you

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Choosing a suitable provider of cloud services is not just a choice but a necessity for most companies. However, the sad part of it is that the majority of companies end up choosing the wrong one.

If you wish to get it right, focus on the aspects given below.

1. Know your needs

Your needs pertaining to cloud computing would solely depend on what you need to move to the cloud. From software development to testing activities or managing back-office functions, possibilities are endless in cloud

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner. All the couples are going to enjoy outings that will shortly comprise a lunch or dinner. If you are busting your brain for the dressing ideas, then take a pause. Here are 9 outfits to compliment your Valentine’s Day Outing:

1 – An All over Red outfit:Pick up a decent red coloured one-piece dress and pair it with red-coloured heels.

2 – Sleeveless One-Side Ruffle Dress:Opt for a pretty pink Sleeveless chic dress with One-Side Ruffle and make let your h

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It's very hard to stay fashionable and wear comfortable clothes in winter. And deciding what to wear is a tough task in itself. Also, the same old style appears very boring and it is important to keep your wardrobe updated. This winter try updating your old, casual wardrobe and try adding new and exciting clothing. This will give you a new level of confidence.

If you are confused how you should update your winter wardrobe, this article will give you ideas for the 5 basic women's essentials to g

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