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Suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or (IBS)? Or is your kid having sleepless nights due to stomach ache or cramping? Cyclopam is sure to offer relief to both of you. Cyclopam is an antispasmodic medicine that is used for curing intestinal and stomach disorders. Not just this, Cyclopam is also taken by women at the time of their menstrual cycle to get relief from the abdominal pain.

Cyclopam Side Effects

Some of the side effects of Cyclopam include the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Shor
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Everybody wants to have an active lifestyle and a good body. However, it is easily said than done; right? We all want fit bodies, but cannot just get out of our beds early in the morning. We want to eat healthy food, but cannot say no to a pizza. Well, there are many other such things that have made fitness just a wishful phenomenon. So, to motivate all the wishful thinkers and to make fitness more lucrative, we have compiled this post. You can read it and make exercising and fitness as appealin

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A business trip differs from a personal trip in various ways. Completing a corporate trip successfully is nothing shorter than a challenge. Unlike a personal trip, it is not just about going to a destination. It is about travelling to a destination and doing so by complying to the travel policies of a company.

Arrange your travel plan systematically

Choose your accommodation

Research your destination

Work out your itinerary

You can do this easily by using one of the applications on your sma

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Online shopping is the modern-day trend that has taken over the market. People today prefer to buy things online rather than going to the market to pick up things. Today the online shops provide not only fashion accessories and other consumer goods but also medicines. Gone were the days when people have to wait in a long queue to buy medicines in the pharmacy. Consumers can select the type and brand of medicines that they want and get it delivered in their home. Again, with different Pharmeasy c

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Having a good and perfectly-fit bra is nothing less than a blessing. It makes your curves proper and right. It also ensures that your posture stays right and your backs don’t slouch. However, it is easier to be said than done. Bra shopping is generally done without paying much attention to fit; seam and side bulge. Not only this makes the overall appearance bad but makes every dress look ill-fitted. This is why it is essential to have a different bra for different dresses. This post is dedicated

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Every woman has her own way of dressing herself. When it comes to the choice of outfits among Indian women, a majority of ladies prefer kurtis. This can be attributed to a variety of reasons.

Kurti is the outfit extraordinaire for parties, casual situations and even in formal situations. For instance, it is common to spot office going ladies in this dress. Most women believe they can flaunt kurtis on all occasions due to its versatility.

Yes, it is true but then again, one needs to choose the

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When Alia made her debut, many people had their qualms about the actress. Her typical girly and bubbly charm made it really difficult to predict her future. Many pretty faces were reining the film industry. So, the critics and stakeholders were not sure of their opinions. However, the actress has come much far from her SOTY days. She is vulnerable as well as powerful. She is a die-hard romantic and a headstrong rival. She has a comprehensive understanding of her emotions and presenting them.  

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The year 2019 brings a lot of promises in technology as it has seen many unique devices in just the first quarter of the year which could lead to the establishment of remarkable trends in the upcoming days. Starting from television to watches to phones, all these gadgets have been able to exceed their predecessors in a variety of ways which makes them the gadgets to look for. With the online market booming, such as Shopclues, people bought various gadgets because of which, the future looks even

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While summer is knocking on the door, everyone is all set with their summer style. And who doesn’t love summer? After all, it is all about flaunting your style the most fashionable ways and feel good about yourself.

Each season, different trends become popular among people. Whether it is a saree, blouse or an Anarkali suit – every year trends change according to people’s preferences. This year too, the summer is bringing some exciting trends for ladies who love to pair up a blouse with a saree

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Presently, one’s DTH recharge is only a couple of snaps away with online modes. The applications used while recharging your DTH connection are great when it comes to offering hassle free approaches. As people have become busier day by day, forgetting to recharge one’s TV is a common thing. Now, stress no more!

Recharging your DTH connection from a shop has become quite old fashioned. With the presence of various applications for online DTH recharges, no one these days likes to spend extra time

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