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Suneel Galgotia is a Chancellor of Galgotias University. Mr. Galgotia rise into the education industry when he founded the Galgotias Institute of Management & Technology in 2000. Visit:

The family of Suneel Galgotia was an educated family and therefore he got his love for education from his genes. His family had a nearness to different types of books and they had a retail store in Delhi’s Connaught Place around the 1930s. He had the chance to read a lot of books and from there started his journey towards gathering and spreading of knowledge. When you open any Suneel Galgotia News clips, you will find him speaking about his dream for the youth and his beliefs and morals based on

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The man who places his vitality behind every stone of the Galgotias University is named Suneel Galgotia. He is the founder of the University and has given a part of his life in setting up the institution for providing education to the youth of India. He is also the President of Galgotias Educational Group and has given the Group his ardor for opening up spheres in life for those who want to educate themselves. The Galgotias Institute of Management and Technology (GIMT) were founded in the year 2

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