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Steppa is an international cyber security organization located in 2234 Prefontaine, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. Steppa builds cyber security programs, risk assessment and management, security consulting, training and education, research and development (R&D), security capabilities such as security operation centers (SOCs), security reports and intelligence through dashboards in real-time. Our clients are small, medium and large businesses such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), government and


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Without finding out about a new major security bug or corporate hacking scandal, it seems like you cannot watch the news. Articles on enhancing cyber security started to pop up everywhere as heartbleed and Shellshocke scared a lot of internet users.

Since there are so much of businesses that are based on the web, small business owners need to be savvy about cyber security.




The following are some of the things that you need to know about keeping your business safe online as wel

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Network and Darknet Data: This information is for a distinguishing system based dangers, for example, DDoS, Amplification endeavors, examining and surveillance testing exercises, Internet of things (IoT) information and other digital occasions, for example, mis-setup inside system.


Industrial Control Systems and SCADA Data: This information contains suspicious and malignant exercises against genuine equipment (physical) frameworks in the accompanying fields: transmission of power,

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Steppa provides cyber security services and products in the following fields: risk management, legal services, data sharing, threat intelligence, etc.



Risk management: which includes identification and assessment of threats against your business. Use our web-based platform to manage assets and associated risks, assign and schedule tasks, build strategies, review tasks and visualize risk trends. All these features are available in one platform. Request a free Demo.


Security legal adv

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Listen to our experts’ advice - Steppa Cyber Security can make your life easier. Our professional security consultants are able to conduct a state-of-the-art survey based on R&D and industry to provide you with a solution to your problem.

Security Penetration Testing:

Because everything starts from within, allow our cyber security ethical hackers and investigators to assess your organization security measures and…

  Research and Development (R&D):

Allow our data scientists and eng

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With the progressed of innovation and the availability of equipment frameworks to the web, Industrial control system(ICS) and supervisory control and information obtaining (SCADA) frameworks are by and large progressively focused by programmers.


Security legal advice: which can help in the information protection, worldwide and national clashes, copyright understandings, consistency, among others. All our expert legal counselors are guaranteed with phenomenal involvement in the IT f

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It is important to work out all these questions well in advance of the test itself since a security penetration test has the potential to disrupt the functioning of the business and even to damage the computer systems and networks.


Any business that seeks to hire a pen tester or an information security consultant, in general, should also first satisfy itself that the person selected is trustworthy and honest in addition to all. It is not the one kind of a person to be let loose on

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Experience the all-new Steppa risk management platform to give your organization a digital network ultimate security. We offer a free demo of our most trusted and legal risk management platform to give you cutting edge protection. Join us now.


  Vulnerability and Risk Assessments:

We can regularly assess the vulnerability of your network and applications and provide you with risk assessment reports and appropriate solutions. In this context, you can use these insights to better def

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Revolution is the best key to solve cyber security issues. Our creative information researchers at the Steppa cybersecurity lab have distributed approximately 40 peer — checked on papers & book parts in different regions like cyber-physical systems.  

We have published in many international venues such as ACSAC, IEEE Transactions, ARES, NDSS or DFRWS. We have been awarded 3 best paper awards and more than 10 grants and scholarships to support our research.


We have been continuous

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Unapproved information leakage is a risk to associations. Steppa Cyber Security Services enable associations to apply data safety efforts by giving progressing secrecy, confidentiality & assurance of their most delicate information resources.


Steppa CSaaS (Cyber Security as a Service): Sometimes security is costly. In this manner, make the most of our on-request cyber security administration; Steppa CSaaS.

OK prefer to build up another digital security arrangement or capacity and

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Join Steppa for the most recent and developed cyber security SCADA and Industrial Control System Monitoring. This arrangement gives you complete assurance from programmers and influences the digital intel space to recognize and report suspicious and malevolent exercises.


Notwithstanding industrial facilities, such frameworks run basic foundation like atomic and power plants, water treatment frameworks, IoT gadgets and transportation control frameworks. Such dangers can result in na

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