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Security token offering for a fundraiser is an optimized way for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects. Blockchain App Factory is the best token development firm in town offering a wide range of solutions that are guaranteed to give your business a competitive edge.

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Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are backed by tangible assets. Build your own stable coin and enjoy a productive business. Blockchain App Factory is a development company that is skilled in blockchain technology. They have experience in launching stablecoin ICOs for many clients. Check out their website and the advanced services they have to offer.

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Tokenization can help expand your business and reach a global network of investors. Blockchain App Factory can launch a compliant token issuance platform that will help unlock a new era for your business.

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Blockchain App Factory helps build a digital asset platform that is optimized, cost-effective and fast. Our team features talented developers and industry experts who can provide you with solutions that accurately match all your business requirements.

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Blockchain App Factory provides Tokenizer/Tokenization as a Service (TaaS). As one of the leading pioneers in the Blockchain development landscape, we have the expertise to cater to your requirements by establishing a custom-made ethereum/hyper ledger/stellar or to your own customized blockchain tokenization platform.

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Want an end-to-end and compliant security token platform? With Blockchain App Factory's optimized and readymade solutions, you can launch a fully-functional trading platform having numerous features like ERC20 compatibility, trade matching, regulatory compliance, security servicing solutions, and much more.

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Blockchain technology is continually developing. One of the latest and most advanced additions to it is the security token. This token differs from its ancestor cryptocurrencies in a way that it is not as volatile. For premium Security Token Launch Services that will enhance your business, take a look at Blockchain App Factory.

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Blockchain technology’s latest entry is the secure and reliable security token. Companies that have already discovered the countless benefits of these tokens have enjoyed the perks first-hand.

If you require any help with the Security Token Offering Process, then Blockchain App Factory is the perfect assistant.


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Security Token Offerings or STOs are a means in which a company issues their security tokens, a form of crowdfunding, to get their business started. This is a secure way that is regulated by authorities to avoid scamming. To launch your own STO, Blockchain App Factory can help a great deal. Their website gives clear details of their services and pricing. Check them out right away.

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Asset token


Create your own Platform for Tokenization for all assets including real estate, gold or equity. As a Tokenization Platform Development Company, Blockchain App Factory, ensure privacy, security and regulatory compliance of the tokens generated by the team.


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