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Prevent fraudulent data activities with a Blockchain for Cybersecurity solution. The tamper-proof technology is the missing piece to make data sharing and storing more secure. Blockchain App Factory has extensive expertise in data security and will keep the hack attacks away from your business.

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In the past few years, we have seen scandalous cases of data breach. Big companies are being accused of leaking personal information of their clients/users or, in other cases, great hackers spill the data all over the internet.

And as we rapidly move all of our data to the digital world, it is imperative for corporations to start being more careful and transparent with people’s information.

Blockchain is the ideal platform for any type of business to store their enormous volume of data with c

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Ethereum definitely opened the doors for making Decentralised Applications (DApps) popular.

Created in 2015, the platform quickly became a huge success. Not only because has some improvements compared to the Bitcoin blockchain, but also for the possibility of creating your own token in their network.


And that is exactly how DApps started to become popular.  From finance to games, it’s possible to create an infinity of decentralized application in the Ethereum blockchain.

If you are wonderin

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With Blockchain Technologies stellar security features and groundbreaking performance, it is quickly becoming the most sought-after technology in the modern world. Blockchain App Factory offers Custom Blockchain Development solutions that are designed to give you all the advanced features customized to suit your requirements. Contact them today and get started with the power of Blockchain Technology.

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If Bitcoin was developed into the blockchain network to facilitate financial transactions, how come the banks haven’t taken full advantage of this technology yet?


Well, we still don’t know why and when banks will do the complete transition to the blockchain world. But we know that this disruptive technology can improve all the different processes of a bank, from money transitions to paperwork.

Let’s look at the characteristics of blockchain that can improve the banking sector:

  • Tamper-proo
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The Ethereum platform, launched in 2015, revolutionised the blockchain world. Different from the Bitcoin blockchain, built especially for payments, Ethereum was created to facilitate the development of blockchain projects, such as tokens and applications.

From cryptocurrency developments to property rental smart contracts, you can build about any type of blockchain-based project in the Ethereum platform, including Decentralized Applications (DApps).


If you still don’t know what is a DApp, it

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After a long day at work, you come home to find out a package on your doorstep. Finally, that amazing purchase you were expecting has arrived. Do you know how it got to your house?

supplychain blockchain

What may seem common or easy for us, a simple package delivered at our door, actually took a great deal of work and effort to get there. All of these activities involved are a part of a Supply Chain, the process of moving services or products from the supplier to the client.

The supply chain is a powerful industry

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Blockchain is not only disruptive because of what it allows us to do - share immutable information on a distributed shared ledger - but also because it can help with the improvement of almost any type of industry, including healthcare.


A Hyperledger blockchain development can benefit patients, doctors and hospitals. Once the data is stored in the chain, health professionals can have access to reliable information about the patient, providing them with a more effective treatment, for example.

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