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A bitcoin wallet helps its users to store their private key and public address in order to gain access to their cryptocurrencies and carry out secure transactions with them. Wallets can be physical devices (like a USB or any other hardware device), on paper (a printout of both public and private keys), as software (on a private computer), or a web wallet (online website).

Wallet development

Several exchanges create wallets for new subscribers. If you are a user, you will only have to fill your wallet with bitco

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Blockchain was introduced to the world with the entry of the globally famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Now, it is important to know that the applications of blockchain technology are not limited to bitcoins. As one digs deeper into this futuristic technology, there is so much more to discover. From formulating self-executing digital contracts to storing medical data, blockchain does it all. There is no constraint to its germination, therefore, allowing it to be an exceptional technology to work w

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Cryptocurrencies are new-age money that can be traded only if its user has a cryptocurrency wallet. Unless there is a safe place to store the cryptocurrencies, like a wallet, there is no use. The development of a wallet should be managed carefully in order to ensure its security.


There are many types of wallets. Some might let you handle them and some custodial. Then, there are wallets that support only a single currency and wallets for multiple currencies.

If you are looking for Whitelabel

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The applications of Blockchain are not limited to cryptocurrencies alone. They are instrumental in various aspects of business - one of them being insurance. A highly practical advantage of blockchain is found in smart contracts. These automated contracts have the potential to completely and positively alter the processes involved in insurance. It is common knowledge that manually handling insurance claims, paying of premium, weeding out fraudulent claims, and other related processes can be time

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That day is not far when blockchain will rule every aspect of our life. Similarly, smart contracts have been developed for a wide range of utilities. One of these utilities includes life insurance. There are many benefits of smart contracts in insurance. However, the major benefits include reduction of insurer costs, lowering of premiums for policyholders, and improvement of customer experience of insurance products.

Smart contract 4

Apart from these, other benefits are as follows:

  • An instant KYC process f
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If you ever wanted to develop the most reliable custom smart contracts in the market, and could not find a good company to aid you with it, your days of woe are over. We, at Blockchain App Factory, offer top-notch services in building smart contracts that will not only speed up the transaction pace but also ensure transparency and security.

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The financial sector has a lot of potential with the implementation of blockchain technology. There is no limit to the number of application smart contracts have in the banking and finance segment. By providing intense security and reliability, smart contracts can drastically change the industry. The following purposes of smart contracts are perfect for the banking sector:

smart contract finance

  • Terms are visible to involved parties
  • Secure transactions
  • Self-executing
  • Immutable transactions

If you are lookin

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We all know how the healthcare sector is infested with a lot of issues like loads of unwanted costs, bureaucracy, and thousands of middlemen. It is no doubt that the healthcare industry is not far from its disruption days. In fact, if e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart start entering the drug prescription market, it will prove to be detrimental for all traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacy shops. Actually, with new technologies like blockchain and smart contracts, the healthcare indus

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Smart contracts are the digital versions of regular contracts. They are formed only through an arrangement of the involved parties. They cannot be modified or manipulated.

Smart contracts operate with predetermined commands. They decrease the costs involved in writing up contracts and do it with the least human intervention possible.

Smart contracts perform the same duties as traditional contracts but are faster, cost-effective and highly reliable. Businesses employing smart contracts can ru

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Equity tokens are gaining much popularity in the recent days. Today, if any company wants to sell its physical products or services, equity tokens can be the best option for raising capital. From ownership and control characteristics to asset ownership representation, equity tokens are one of a kind. That is why these tokens are issued and regulated heavily in many countries.

ETO development

Some of  its major advantages include:

  • As they are similar to stocks and shares, equity tokens form the most proven
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