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RechSand is an innovative enterprise specializes in products made of desert aeolian sand, green building materials and desert greens. Based on the size and shape of the silica grain, we apply patented methodologies to change the surface characters of the sand into traits that are designed for different products. With over 20 plus years of experiences, our products are not only unique but successful in multiple industries.


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The surface of the insomnia brick is very dense, belonging to the high-end micron-level water.




Yan Chuang permeable brick permeable speed is more than 20 times the industry standard.

Advantages of benevolence:

(1) Permeable speed: Ren Chong permeable water brick is very fast, can be achieved (780kg per hour per square meter of water). Renzheng tiles experienced Beijing 721 heavy rain test (60 years a case), 721 during the rainstorm, laying benevolent water permeable bricks of

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Ren Chong Fu Sheng sand used in the oil and Sinopec oil field Case story: continue reading →

From the point of view of the classification of permeable bricks, according to the principle of water can be divided into two categories, one is to rely on the surface of the brick hole through the water, one is in accordance with the gap between brick and brick through the water. The later type is more common.


With the continuous progress of technology, permeable bricks are also constantly being improved, common categories includes ordinary permeable bricks, polymer fiber reinfo

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Coated sand as the raw material in the desert, processed into a new type of precision casting material coated sand, a green precision casting of key technology products, the upgrading of traditional casting materials to fill an international casting industry blank, won the Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Science and Technology Progress Award, and in the country to create the first fully automatic coated sand production line, to achieve “sand casting.”


In the precision casti

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  Rechsand Filter Pavement is a Revolutionary Alternative to Traditional Permeable Concrete/Asphalt. Permeable Pavers — New product introduction:

A new Eco-friendly invention, renovative improvement to Rechsand Filter Paver product line. The pavement is custom made onsite like permeable concrete/asphalt.



It’s permeability can effectively recharge ground water. Alleviate the urban heat island effect and balance the urban ecosystem; it can also penetrate the ‘ground air

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Rechsand Filter Pavement is a Revolutionary Alternative to Traditional Permeable Concrete/Asphalt.    


A new Eco-friendly invention, renovative improvement to Rechsand Filter Paver product line. The pavement is custom made onsite like permeable concrete/asphalt. It’s permeability can effectively recharge ground water.

Permeable concrete/asphalt Pavement




Alleviate the urban heat island effect and balance the urban ecosystem; it can also penetrate the ‘ground air’

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Fast Water Permeability: The water permeability of RechSand Filter Pavers is very fast, which can reach 780 kg of water per square meter per hour. RechSand Filter Pavers have experienced severe rainstorms in Beijing 721 (one in 60 years). There was no stagnant water in the Olympic underground plaza where RechSand Filter Pavers were laid .

Permeability Life Span:

The permeable principle of the Filter Paver is “destroying the surface tension of water”. The water permeable period can re

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Looking for silicone sandstone tree girdle or tree root girdling material? Shop the super all-round breathable material to increase water utilization around trees.  


Features: All-round breathable, you can lock the water, increase water utilization

Ren Chung tree pit water cover advantages:

1: the appearance of fine, shape, color can be customized according to customer requirements.

2: all-round breathable, although the hole in the tree cover is to cover the tree pit, but still f

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Smart in providing Green Building Construction Materials or Flexible Stones. Features including fire, non-slip, breathable, simple and quick installation with original patented technology   Green Building Construction Materials — Flexible Stones   Green Building Construction Materials — Flexible Stones

Features: Fire, non-slip, breathable, simple and quick installation

Advantages: original patented technology, affordable, cost-effective

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Browse today to read how we develop a unique collections of Eco building materials or Eco friendly construction materials. Experts in sand breathable products.

  RechSand flexible stone hanging plate, easy installation, a great value product.

Properties: the use of sand in creating a “breathable and waterproof” building material. Comparing to clay, ceramic for decoration, the material is flexible, anti-slip, provides insulation, fire proofing, decorative and also sound proofing. It’

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