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Proud Grill is a pioneering provider of innovative and effective Grill Cleaning Systems. We are a group of entrepreneurs, dedicated to provide excellent grilling experience with clean and healthy BBQ grills. Our unique product design and quality of Q-SWIPER™ Grill Cleaning System helps super-efficient cleaning of tough grease and grime on the BBQ grills.

Burned-on gunk, eh? Grilling creates a huge lot of mess.”

What messy business you’re in, once you are locked in with the responsibility of cleaning the grates of the BBQ at the outdoor. Believe it or not, but people can’t stand up to clean the grills and grates even for their own needs.

It’s hard,” they say, once asked for cleaning. Perhaps, the tools available in the markets aren’t convincing enough for cleanup tasks. What needs to be done, then? Is there any alternative that can make clean

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Grill cleaning shouldn’t be seen as just a task that can be done easily.

For years, people haven’t stressed upon BBQ grill cleaning due to a wide number of reasons. As a result, they experience the rancid-flavored food grilled later. The build-up of black crust after cooking food on a grill should be cleaned much before the next course is to be cooked. By not doing so, it will leave a bitter or unpleasant taste in the mouth and moreover, it would attract insects on them.

If you have gotten s

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At Proud Grill, we offer the innovative yet simple and safe grill brush for cleaning tough grease and grime on your BBQ Grills. Visit or for placing an order.

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Planning to throw a BBQ party to celebrate your latest job promotion? How about us helping you with all the arrangement? Trust us you will be known among your friends to be the best party host. From choosing the party venue to BBQ grill cleaning, we will provide you all tips and guidance.

Instead of booking a restaurant and giving a treat to your friends, ask your friends to come to your home. Your garden can be the venue of your party. It will be unique and give a cozy feel to all the guests.

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A lot of BBQ owners think that cleaning the BBQ immediately isn’t necessary. While others think that they can clean using any tool/brush available in the marketplace. However, it’s not advisable to utilize “any” tool or brush for the cleaning.


Why is it so?


Well, here are the reasons.


Metal bristle damages BBQ grill and surface.

Unsafe or short handles cause injuries.

Design flaws disable cleaning process.

Poor grill brushes get damaged in a few uses.

With plenty of issues pann

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The next time you go to a BBQ party, make sure it’s clean.


In a rush of activities, some people do not clean the grill grates properly and that’s definitely not a wise thing to do. Depending on the grate-type, porcelain, cast-iron, or stainless steel, you should use the proper tools to clean them.

When it comes to cleaning the grates, the use of metal tools seems the obvious choice. Contrary to popular belief, these metal tools damage those grates instead of cleaning them properly. In fac

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The new generation of Grill Cleaner are here and they are being one of the best in the market is incomparable to other products in many ways. Q-swiper is one of the most innovative and attractive options that is available in the market and for many reasons it far more superior in every manner when compared to other similar products in the market. When we grill chicken or other meat on the barbeque grills then a lot of other unnecessary element is generated with the mixture of oil, food and heat.

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May it be chicken, fish, meat or pork, people choose a wonderful cooking grill to cook all kinds of meat to enjoy with friends and family. Grilled food tastes much better and tasty then other types of food. Also, they are easy to cook and can be done with less expertise in cooking and that too at a rapid pace.


Many people keep a cooking grill at their homes which servers many functions, parties and programs that are held throughout the year. However, one thing that we miss to buy along with

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We all love to cook with family and it is especially preferred if we are grilling something as a group. It is always good to have a gathering and cook some fresh meat with friends and family. Many people keep a special grill for all such occasions. However, one thing that we tend to ignore is the cleaning and safety of the grill. With time needs of humans are realized and new products are generated to help the people for various need in real life. One such interesting things we will discuss is t

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