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I am a blogger and a content writer, I am a great fan of ships and its Equipment. So, I am here to talk about how to protect ships and about their important types of equipment usage in underwater.

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You can use a CTD, sonar, Ultra Short Baseline & Engineered Oceanographic Equipment, and an ROV to do all the calculations, take the proper measurements and ensure that your team can do amazing work. Ordering products like this is much easier in today’s world because you can order from a company that works on the water. The company you choose will do all the work for you, and they will even explain why they have created these units in the way that they have.

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Sound Ocean Systems

Ultra Short Baseline & engineered oceanographic equipment are all critical to the success of your latest trip on the water.  You can complete several surveys using special gear that does not require a wide gap in the baseline between each sensor, and you can use sonar beacons, acoustic releases, and various other pieces of equipment to collect the data you need.  These devices can be custom-built for your trip, or you might rent these tools because you need basic gear that could be used for a

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Marine Rental Equipment

A sea is a beautiful place that can be filled with adventure and freedom. It is also a dangerous and undisciplined place. It would be crazy to go sailing with the right equipment. You are going to need all the benefits you can get to survive in treacherous waters. Previously, sailors and travelers were not equipped with the best Oceanographic & Marine Rental Equipment. They managed with simple and traditional tools like the astrolabe, the quadrants, the chronometer and the magnetic compass of

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Ultrashort baseline

The Launch And Recovery System for your ROV, CTD array, or oceanographic survey gear must be installed on your boat to ensure that you have the capacity to pull everything you are using, to track those devices, and to pull them back to the boat when the survey is over. Specialized gear can be created for your survey, and you can have all these items attached to your boat when the vessel is ready to leave the dock. 

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okeanus science & technology

Okeanus launch and recovery system (LARS) transfers lifting power to a double mast-mounted secure tractor curve and complements the system with secure dual-corner slides that act as parking brakes and/or emergency stop brakes. The relatively small cathead on the mast eliminates the need for heavy and heavy winches.


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Rov Lights & Camera

The use of ROV Lights & Cameras allows for still images of various forms of water life. Such cameras are very flexible and will not be damaged by water. If you go snorkeling it's something you have to get. You can buy a low-cost underwater camera at a reasonable price. That can allow you to enhance the memories you bring home from that vacation.


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Running a survey under sea water is much costly for an offshore company. So, the offshore companies always look for a discounted offer or low-cost rent offer for acquiring the marine scientific equipment and oceanographic survey equipment like Sonar winch, umbilical winch, ROV camera and lights, CTD winch and much more equipment. The survey work will be much smoother than the previous throughout the rental oceanographic equipment in suitable and running status.


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Okeanus Delivers The Launch And Recovery System, And Underwater Tracking Systems On Special Request. And Provides The Marine And Ocean Industry With High-Quality Products For Sale And Services On Rent.

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Okeanus designs and produces a variety of conventional and specific system mooring launch techniques and wire managing techniques for implementation and restoration of critical receptors and equipment in the offshore environment. Our marine and offshore rental equipment fill up many needs from convenient light-duty small boat functions to heavy-duty deepwater underwater applications.

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Ocean Survey Equipment

An ideal Acoustic Releases works on an acoustic command signal principle where it works transiently and has the ability to and transmits a signal to the surface instrument to get a clear vision of the underwater scenario. By consuming battery power it gives a maximum usage of 1 to 2 years in its entire life span.

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