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Why Do Some Men Go Bald?

All men progressively lose hair as they grow. For some men hair loss is barely noticeable and for other, it is more obvious. When individual losses excessive hair loss it is a very distressing situation and search for options to stop the hair loss. Hair transplant clinic in Mumbai provides effective ways to treat thinning hair and receding hairline.

Before treating hair loss it is important to know the reason of hair loss so that an effective treatment can opt. Male pattern baldness is caused

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Nobody among us wants to go bald. It is said that hair loss can begin early if proper hair care is not taken. Do proper hair care before it's too late. As rightly said, the early the better. Genetics plays an important role in determining hair loss while it is not the only reason behind the hair loss. There are multiple factors like environmental factor, diet, and your daily routine. There is no specific age for hair loss and taking care of your hair from an early age is the only way to prevent

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If you are losing hair and wants to get a hair transplant, then the obvious question arises that, “How many grafts do you need for a good hair transplant result?”

It's a tricky question to answer. There are many factors to calculate the number of grafts and it varies according to individuals. Here we are going to discuss those factors by which trichologists estimate the number of grafts to get good transplantation result.

1.Level of baldness:

The number of grafts requirement depends on the le

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Every one of us experiences hair fall at some point in life. People concern about what is the reason behind hair loss. One of the often asked question is “Does wearing a cap leads to hair fall?”The answer is "No". It's a myth and a misconception. Many people believe that wearing cap contributes to premature hair loss although there is no scientific proof to this myth. People justify this by saying that wearing cap will deprive the scalp oxygen, allow sebum to build upon the scalp and caps tighte

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When you are considering having a hair transplant surgery, it is important to research for best hair transplant clinic and surgeon as a hair transplant is a big decision. If not found right clinic or surgeon can lead to a bad situation. To search a best hair transplant clinic you need to make a checklist of the question that you should ask a hair expert or trichologist. Here we are providing you with the most important questions that you should ask:

  1. Am I a suitable candidate for the hair tran
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Hair loss usually starts at the age of 20 and continue until the age of 60. When people begin to lose their hair and leading to baldness they generally think that what is the right age for hair transplant. Should I have to go for a hair transplant at this age or should I have to wait? Hair transplant is the method which provides relief to patients from hair loss. Every procedure and every client is different but the best time for getting a hair transplant done is the same for most. Hair transpla

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More than 50% of all men suffer from male pattern baldness. The receding hairline is the beginning of the MPB. Progressive thinning of hair eventually leads to baldness. Hair loss begins at temples and the hairline recedes backward. Male pattern Baldness can be treated with the hair transplant.

There are 7 stages of male pattern baldness. In the first stage, there is no hair loss sign. During 2nd and third stage, a receding hairline is observed. At stage 4 more prominent receding hairline is vi

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Is baldness troubling you? Are you losing your confidence? Don't worry. Get a hair transplant to improve your personality. Hair transplant is a natural permanent solution to hair loss. It is effective and the results are natural looking. Kabera Global, the leading hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh provide effective hair loss treatments at an affordable cost. You can pay easy installment with bajaj financing. Proper pre-surgery and post-surgery instruction and guidance are provided by the expe

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Baldness-Cost (2)Losing hair is the natural part of life unless you are losing up to 150 hairs a day. People may lose confidence after hair loss. The good news is that you can regain your hair and confidence with hair transplant treatment. Hair transplant surgery significantly can improve appearance and confidence. However, everyone is not a good candidate for the surgery. There are numbers of facts that doctors take into consideration before committing the procedure.


At an early age, Hair loss pattern is

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The cost of the hair transplant is considered as the most important factor for choosing the hair transplant clinic. While affordable hair transplants are possible, but we must ensure that the provider we are choosing have qualified staff and have good results that meet the requirement of the candidate. While researching for a good clinic, one must include a wide spectrum. One should thoroughly check the staff and clinic reviews before going ahead with the surgery. What is important is the experi

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