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14 days ago

Level 2 Network Technician


The primary responsibility of a level 2 Network Technician is to maintain the computer, voice, and equipment used to support technology in an organization. The technician is the key contact for users who need assistance in resolving technical issues. The technician may be based in an office or could use remote access tools to diagnose most issues from a central location.

Technicians would be required to work at flexible hours and must be available round-the-clock. They must have strong custo

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One of the most significant areas in technological innovation is happening in the way that we take care of the environment. The environment is a global concern, which is why we have government summits on taking care of climate change, and we are moving toward a world full of smart cities.


Urban environments are changing, and we are continually moving toward a world that is adapting to fit a growing population. This has triggered a change from roads being full of gas-guzzling cars to electric

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15 days ago

Technical Support Analyst


Technical Support analysts often communicate directly with consumers. They further evaluate user requirements, address technical problems, and they work with engineering and IT staff to provide solutions that can be delivered by various means, such as by phone, email, remote connection or onsite.

Specifically, Technical Support Analysts are specialists who provide technical support, advice, and assistance to an organization and its customers. They help resolve hardware, software and other te

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Hardware Integration Engineer Jobs -


Engineers devise, test and enhance assemblies, electronic circuits, and other electrical equipment. They give suggestions to their organization to purchase computer systems and hardware depending on the business needs of their users.


Engineers update existing computer systems so that they are compatible with the latest software enhancements.  They configure the hardware of computer systems and also take care of routine PC support issues, including

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NetApp Certified Storage Associate Job Description -

The primary responsibility of NetApp Certified Storage Associates is to provide Tier 3 support for NetApp products. They must also offer email and phone support and escalate issues when necessary. The associate must manage system configurations and solutions. They should be able to monitor the full lifecycles of storage area network (SAN) administration, architecture, and support.


The professional should have proper understanding of st

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Apple Certified Technical Coordinator Job Description

Coordinators configure and support Apple desktops/laptops. They participate in the development of images for PCs of all types. They produce packages for installation for MAC OS software.

They also handle and support different types of PCs and peripheral equipment, such as printers, scanners, network interface cards, etc. Coordinators will shift, assemble, and install equipment. Besides acting on user requests, they create, adjust, disabl

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Web Technicians support web server hardware and software that run websites both on the internet and an organization’s intranet. They promptly respond to problems, and they provide routine maintenance and monitoring of websites to ensure that they are operating optimally

Technicians provide expertise in resolving network issues, whether they relate to an organization's internet or intranet sites.

Web technicians and computer operators have similar responsibilities, but different focuses. While

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22 days ago

BICSI Technician Jobs

Technicians should keep themselves updated with the latest technologies to survive the competition. Many career opportunities are expected to open up in the future. The BICSI certification will help candidates to gain essential knowledge and will also provide them with a platform to venture into various fields apart from the ICT industry. Being a BICSI professional can open great avenues for the candidate.

The BICSI technicians install and maintain a complex Network Cable Infrastructure. The te

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Microsoft Small Business Specialist Job Description -

Generally, the Small Business Specialist is the term coined for the companies and not for an individual. It can be that a group of certified experts engaged in providing the services to the Microsoft products and supports the business plan is one of the essential responsibility of Small Business Specialist.

Essentially the responsibility of Microsoft Small Business Specialist lies in recognizing the fact that small business clients can pro

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24 days ago

Level 2 Network Technician

Technicians assist in evaluating growth requirements of networks and upgrading of local area network (LAN) systems. They aid in installing, maintaining, and fixing issues with LANs.

Technicians zero in on cost-effective telecommunication solutions that satisfy strict security and reliability needs. They develop and update precautionary maintenance programs.

Level 2 Network Technician upgrade application software and operating systems on computer systems and with servers. They install equipment

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