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Shop the best 4x4 accessories, snatch strap, recovery gear for your offroad vehicle to enhance your driving thrill and make your off-road trip more adventures.



SuperPro Front 33mm SuperPro Front 33mm Heavy Duty 2 Position Blade Adjustable Sway Bar – GUN156R

The resistance to the fitment of bigger front Sway Bars to 4WD vehicles is the flawed concept of the loss of articulation in the suspension.

If the replacement Sway Bars are designed correctly and the Sway Bar links are lengthened, replacement Sway Bars can be fitted with minimal or no loss of articulation.


Upgrading the front Sway Bars will

Improve the stability by compensating for

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Saber 8000kg Kinetic Recovery Rope with 30% Stretching strength | Mercury 4X4

The Saber Offroad kinetic recovery rope is developed for a safer and smoother way to assist stranded vehicles out of mud, sand, water, snow and more.

Where traditional snatch straps give often less than 20% stretch, these Saber Offroad ropes give up to 30% stretch making a huge difference when it comes to strain on the vehicles, smoothness of the recovery and safety for those in the immediate vicinity. If continue reading →

Carbon Winches 12K Winch is a 12000lb line pull winch and can meet the rugged demands of off-road and utility use in Australian conditions. It is designed to deliver the best value, reliability and service life for an entry-level winch user.


  • Fully sealed to resist water, dirt and dust ingress into motor, drum and gearbox mechanisms.
  • 12000lb fast line pull 216:1 planetary gearset ratio
  • 6.2HP series wound electric motor
  • 3 position sole
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Discover carbon winch 12v 17000lb heavy duty series winch with synthetic rope only at Mercury 4X4. We offer the most selling and top-rated offroad gadgets.   Features:

Heavy series wound delivers superior torque output and endure high temperature

3 stage planetary gearbox delivers the most reliable and durable performance of winch under the worst condition

Automatic brake in the bracket. The greater of the load on the wire rope, the greater amount of brake is generated by the mechan

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Carbon Winches 9.5P Winch is a 9500lb line pull winch and can meet the rugged demands of off-road and utility use in Australian conditions. It is designed to deliver the best value, reliability and service life for an entry level winch user.   The main features include:
  • 6.2 HP Series Wound motor
  • 158:1 ratio 3 stage planetary gearbox
  • Automatic brake in the gearbox housing end – (No heat build up on drum)
  • Rotating ring gear freespool clutch assembly which minimises freespool drag a
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We know there are so many websites that offer a range of 4×4 parts and accessories; however, Mercury 4x4 is different, more focused, than many. Our focus is on products we know are leaders in our industry. Leaders either in innovation, quality, price or all of these and more.



At launch we are working with only a few brands, it is expected that we’ll have a number of new brands launched on this site within a couple of months.

This site is owned by our parent company, MercuryPM, wi

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