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Teaching English in China

Teaching English in China – Five Cool Things to See

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China; the name itself invokes visions of a far off land full of ancient wonders, rich culture and spiritual mysticism. It has an extensive written history with written records dating back about 4,000 years and is considered one of the four great ancient civilizations of the world.


While China is a popular tourist destination, there is an even better way to ex

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Teaching English in Thailand


Teaching English in Thailand – The Four Best Things


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Thailand has long been an extremely popular travel destination for a while now attracting millions of tourists every year to check out it’s various popular attractions like beautiful waterfalls in Chiang Mai, buzzing night markets in Bangkok and bumping party Islands in the south.


Thailand has also recently become a very popular expat destination

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TEFL Jobs Abroad


The 5 Best destinations for TEFL Jobs Abroad


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There are all kinds of unique and interesting careers to be found, but there’s none that can quite match the adventure and excitement of that of a TEFL teacher. TEFL teachers travel abroad to all kinds of wild and interesting countries teaching English to both children and adults.


The decision to become a TEFL teacher may be easy for some but even after deciding it’s the right

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English Teaching Jobs


English Teaching Jobs – 4 Things you Learn Teaching English Abroad


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English teaching jobs abroad are exciting. One minute you’re newly graduated from college in the midst of completing your TEFL course, and the next you’re in a new and exotic country jumping off waterfalls, riding scooters, and eating scorpions.


Most people who spend time at an English teaching job in a foreign country consider it a time of inte

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Teaching English Overseas

Teaching English Overseas – The Five Stages

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Teaching English overseas is an exciting career full of adventure and new experiences. It is however not for the faint of heart. A career in teaching overseas is a bigger commitment than most jobs. To embark on this adventure, one must leave their entire life behind to begin a new one in a strange new land full of cultures and customs often completely different from the o

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Teaching English Online

Teaching English Online – 4 Signs that it Might be for You

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When we think of the word “teacher” the image that probably comes to mind is one of a traditional classroom with rows of students in desks, and a prim and proper instructor at the blackboard with ruler in hand and apple on desk.

But times are changing. With technology improving every day, new channels of communication and learning that were one unperceivable a

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5 top tips for teaching English to kids


By MyTEFL Reviews

The prospect of teaching English to kids can strike fear into the hearts of many a recent TEFL graduate. But it needn’t be so scary. There are ways you can dodge the dreaded rowdy classroom of nearly-10s and keep everyone entertained for the whole duration. It might take some getting used to, but you could find that you’re soon eliciting all-new vocab and spinning excellent grammar from the little ones, especially if you follow our

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Chrissy Mvula’s MyTEFL and Children of the Nation story


By MyTEFL Reviews

Life didn’t start easy for Chrissy Mvula. Born into a family of six, she noticed early on – as early as her toddler years – how hard it was for her parents to bring food to the table and feed everyone. It got even tougher at the age of 10, when Chrissy’s father passed away unexpectedly. She was in just fifth grade and remembers living in a “dilapidated house; a house so small that it couldn’t even hold all of us

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Accredited TEFL Courses

 Accredited TEFL Courses – Why Should You Choose One?

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 With the recent surge in popularity of teaching English abroad as a viable and sustainable way to travel and see the world, tons of enterprising individuals have jumped on the TEFL bandwagon striving to create a great TEFL course for a great price.

 While many of them do succeed and there are a lot of great TEFL courses out there, many of them also fall dismal

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TEFL Courses Online


Why you Should Choose an Online TEFL Course Over an Onsite TEFL Course


TEFL Courses Online – Click here for more info


New careers offer as much excitement and adventure as that of the international TEFL teacher and luckily due to the high worldwide demand for qualified English teachers, it’s a career that’s easier to get into now than ever before!

One of the requirements for pretty much all ESL teaching jobs is a TEFL certificate. Not all TEFL courses are crea

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