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TEFL Jobs Abroad 

TEFL Jobs Abroad - The 5 Best destinations

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There are all kinds of unique and interesting careers to be found, but there’s none that can quite match the adventure and excitement of that of a TEFL teacher. TEFL teachers travel abroad to all kinds of wild and interesting countries teaching English to both children and adults. The decision to become a TEFL teacher may be easy for some but even after deciding it’s the right career c

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4 Things you Learn Teaching English Abroad in English Teaching Jobs

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English teaching jobs abroad are exciting. One minute you’re newly graduated from college in the midst of completing your TEFL course, and the next you’re in a new and exotic country jumping off waterfalls, riding scooters, and eating scorpions. Most people who spend time at an English teaching job in a foreign country consider it a time of intense learning and personal grow

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Teaching English Overseas


The Five Stages of Teaching English Overseas

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Teaching English overseas is an exciting career full of adventure and new experiences. It is however not for the faint of heart. A career in teaching overseas is a bigger commitment than most jobs. To embark on this adventure, one must leave their entire life behind to begin a new one in a strange new land full of cultures and customs often completely different fr

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Accredited TEFL Courses

 Our Accredited TEFL Courses

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 With the recent surge in popularity of teaching English abroad as a viable and sustainable way to travel and see the world, tons of enterprising individuals have jumped on the TEFL bandwagon striving to create a great TEFL course for a great price. While many of them to succeed and there are a lot of great TEFL courses out there, many of them also fall dismally short offering up subpar pr

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TEFL Courses Online

Why an Online TEFL Course is Right for you


Few careers offer as much excitement and adventure as that of the international TEFL teacher and luckily due to the high worldwide demand for qualified English teachers, it’s a career that’s easier to get into now than ever before! One of the requirements for pretty much all ESL teaching jobs is a TEFL certificate.

Cost: Most TEFL teachers are recent college graduates with little

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TEFL Courses

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A TEFL certificate. Few things are as essential on the resume of an aspiring foreign English teacher (aptly also called a TEFL teacher). A lot of aspiring teachers view the TEFL course as nothing more than a hurdle to jump in order to procure that certificate vital to securing their dream career of traveling the world and educating its youth. However, TEFL courses should not be taken lig

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TEFL Online

4 Reasons to Take the Course – Our TEFL Courses

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Courses; there are so many kinds with so many different aims in mind. While one usually takes a course with a specific employability goal in mind, it does not always have to be the case. As human beings, it’s important to keep learning things both from a self-improvement viewpoint, as well as to keep the brain active and healthy. It was Albert Einstein himself who once said, “Once you stop lear

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6 months ago

HFI History

HFI History

By Bryan McCusker


Walter L. Howler founds HFI, under the name of Custom Welding, as a part-time venture.

Abstract (Summary)

When an event occurs causing a change to the environment that is deemed excessive, individuals in that society will react. Distress or uneasiness can be formulated by fear, which can ignite conflict especially if that organization or society has previously experienced such behavior. Diagnosis of the organizational climate along with the emotions of th

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The prettiest towns to visit when teaching English in Mexico

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So, you’re teaching English in Mexico? Great choice. Sloshing Caribbean waves and roaring Pacific surf give way to high volcanos and dusty agave cacti fields in this wondrous nation. And between the lot are some seriously stunning towns and cities, some of which you simply can’t miss: 


Guanajuato really is a rabbit warren of a city. There’s a maze of dried-up riverbeds that have

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Random Thoughts – NBA & College Basketball

By Timothy Ribadeneyra

To be up front, I am an old guy who prefers the game of basketball played as it was when he was growing up versus the game of today.  Here are some of my random observations:

  1. James Harden’s game is awful to watch!  I don’t dispute his offensive talent, but to watch him dribble between his legs for 15 seconds and then shoot a step back (with multiple steps…I would love to hear a NBA’s refs analysis as to why they aren’t trave
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