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They said, a lady’s place is not in cryptocurrency but i’m living example of business woman can succeed in everything related to Cryptobusiness.

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Security Token issuance Platform ensures you offer security tokens to people who want raise funds.  At Blockchain App Factory, you can create STO platform on Hyperledger, Ethereum or Stellar.


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Tokenization of assets help in their immediate liquidation, therefore, helping businesses to take advantage of every available opportunity and means of capital to move forward in their #business. One can issue tokens that represent the value of the tangible asset and easily liquidate it in a very minimal amount of time. #Blockchain App Factory is a very technologically advanced company that can help you in your tokenized asset offering and also create a platform for you to issue the #tokens.


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In terms of Equity Token Offering services and its underlying platform, there are three competitors in the field: Strategic Coin, Neufund and Blockchain App Factory. ETOs are a novel way of crowdfunding where companies can liquidize their illiquid assets through tokenization and crowdfund. In this cutthroat competition, BAF is providing a plethora of services and features to customize the ETO with the company’s specifications on the platter. With two types of ETO, companies can turn their illiqu

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Security Token Offering the best way to raise funds?

The financial market has been shaken with ICO. But the latter has been facing a lot of heat due to many scams and fraudulent activities. To earn back investors trust in cryptocurrencies, Security Token Offering aka STO came to existence.  

They were created to bring in the institutional investors on board the blockchain and cryptocurrency era. These tokens are financial securities that are SEC compliant, a crucial aspect that was missing in

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The Security Token Exchange is the required fuel for the #STO market to catch fire. There is a need for Security #Exchange Development companies and Blockchain App Factory has entered to fill the vacuum. The exchanges are run on the #blockchain nodes ensuring the immutability of the data, while you have the control of the exchange.



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Blockchain App Factory has initiated its journey in the Equity Token Offering platform that helps companies to dilute their shares. The tokens that are created in this period are called as Equity Token Offering (ETOs). Create your own ETOs with a plethora of features, the company can benefit greatly from it.

exchange software

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A new technology by the name security token offering has gained some traction since the decline of ICO. STOs are backed with tangible assets such as real-estate, paintings, shares, etc. By pegging the real-world assets, a blanket of security is covered over investors from scam projects.


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The growing list of blockchain development company is witnessing our name on the top. If you’re aiming to be an entrepreneur, build your blockchain or fork a coin, we have your back. Our list of services includes blockchain development, ICO development, cryptocurrency development and more.


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If it's tiresome to look through a massive list of cryptocurrency development company, worry not! We provide the best services at minimal rates. The development of cryptocurrency is not as easy as it sounds. Our step-by-step process is sure to make your business reach heights. Our company  Makes sure to offer the best cryptocurrency development. We ideate and create the whitepaper, set up Dashboard, open the ICO and set up wallet and coin drop. These features make us distinct and keep you ahead

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Get the best blockchain software development solutions from Blockchain App Factory. We make sure to implement blockchain technology to maximum advantage with custom solutions to fit your requirements. Hire our dedicated team of blockchain experts and get our services designed to give you the platform for a successful venture.


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