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Layoveth Empire is a leading marquee tent manufacturer based in Nigeria. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying a large variety of marquees and tents for all kinds of occasions, settings, or arrangements. While maintaining the highest standards of quality production, we also lay emphasis on affordable pricing. Contact us today!


It is not at all the case that you need to choose from a limited type of marquee ten. Marquees are available in various sizes and shapes and you can easily use them for any kind of function. A professional marquee tent manufacturer even offers a free survey of the site. On request their team comes to your place to plan completely about the day in question. The team checks out where the tent will be placed after looking at the general layout and they also finalizes the parking area according to t

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‘Tent’ might be a small word but its uses are numerous. From providing shelters during natural disasters to being used as party prop, tents are everywhere. Tents are used in weddings, parties, camps, treks, relief centres as well as army and military areas. Since they are used almost everywhere and in places where safety issues are more important, their quality should be of superior quality. Bespoke marquee tent is also very much in demand these days.

While throwing a party, the host has a numb

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Don’t have the experience?


Don’t have any idea?


Don’t worry. Starting a rental business of marquee tents isn’t a bad idea if you are determined, hard-working, and positive in your approach. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you will not only make your story but also provide employment to people.


Since a plethora of events happens across the calendar, a tent rental business will have ample opportunities to bag the deals from. With the help of a marquee tent manufacturer, you can start with

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“We often get these questions from people. It’s easy, just call the ‘right’ one.


”Er… thanks, but no thanks.

What would you do if people start giving these invisible suggestions? You can’t help it right? Well, if you have to hire a marquee tent, you will have plenty of work to do. So, let’s start it from now.


The event location & the others


Aren’t we hiring professionals, why do we need to apprise them about the location? It’s because they will want to know about it before signing

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