Many people are having trouble keeping a good strong WiFi signal throughout their entire home.  This is true especially for homes beyond 2000 square feet with multiple levels. How do you improve your wifi coverage without relying on your internet service provider for all of the answers which mostly is a waste of time.

This Wifi Blast range extender review will provide you insight on how this wireless repeater will get rid of the dead zones in your home and promote consistent wifi signals for yo

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If you’re a customer of Spectrum Mobile and you’ve purchased a mobile device or smartphone through them the next step is to go through the activation process.  There is a simple activation process online that you will be directed to from your Quick Start Guide that came with your package.

Visitors can also refer to this online guide to learn more about the activation process at

Basic Tips For Spectrum Mobile Account

Some basic informat

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The Amex BlueBird Card is a prepaid card provided by American Express and Walmart.  It offers its customers the opportunity to direct deposit their paychecks, tax refunds, government checks, and more to this card without the need for a bank.

The has the American Express logo and can be used for purchases online or anywhere the Amex logo is accepted.   Before using the card it can be activated online at

Some of the benefits you can expect are:

  • Card price $0 online
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