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Israel Diamonds stocks a spectacular and diverse range of the highest quality loose diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and crystal sapphires. We specialize in creating custom jewelry matching a customer’s vision and preference in design and style. Our expert craftsmanship is credited for creating highest standard jewelry masterpieces. Visit us online today!


Those intricately cut diamonds reflect the artistic beauty at its best.

Finding the “perfect” diamonds isn’t an easy thing if you don’t have a clear picture. Buyers often perceive that they can identify the right one quickly. However, it’s not even ideal to shop these diamonds quickly.

Pick 100% natural diamonds

Enhanced and treated diamonds are prevalent everywhere. Instead of buying them, you should look for 100% natural diamonds (along with their flaws) minus artificial treatments and cla

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Overwhelmingly gorgeous varieties can keep you distracted for a while, but you ought to select the right one by yourself.

Even in the history of customizations, this humongous variety of ring settings wouldn’t have existed. With more and more jewelry and diamond vendors joining the industry, it has become a gala time for buyers to select and compare amongst the goods available.

So far, you can’t keep your eyes off the fabulous engagement ring designs offered at a diamond store online. Then, ho

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Choosing the right one for her? The following guide offers you to choose the appropriate settings along with the main stone.

While choosing the diamonds and stones, which is touted as the “major” part of the ring, are important, it is equally relevant that you select the unique engagement ring settings, for an overall gorgeous ring selection.

Here, we provide certain useful tips to choose them.

The appropriate settings. Whether prong or pave or halo or any other ring setting, you should look

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For people, diamonds are the most prized possessions, but buying them online seems a scary idea that could be an absolute rip-off.

Wondering if the purchase of diamonds online is safe enough?

Well, if you follow us down, we can help you alleviate some fears.

Trustworthy and reputable vendors. It is safe to pursue the most trustworthy and reputable vendors in the region. Don’t know how to find that out? A reliable vendor ensures excellent return policies and safe & secure delivery of diamonds

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Some endless designs and categories are present in the market but it is possible that you may confuse finding the correct one. Well, you are not alone; we will help you in finding the best one as per your choice.

If you are looking for an engagement ring and nothing comes to right then design your own diamond ring as per your needs that will make your choice perfect. Build your own engagement from scratch and connect yourself with the correct person that can be decided it makes séance for you.

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Nowadays, every online jewelry shop allows you to design your jewelry as per your preferences. No matter which part of the world you are staying in, if you have the access to online jewelry shops, you can get the ring custom-designed.

If you are hunting for a non-diamond engagement ring, then you need to familiarize with the other gemstones available. The market is filled with a variety of gems in the world, but only a selected few precious gemstones are extremely popular. Thus, you can desig

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The importance of engagement ring is too high in any person’s life and we fully understand it. For any person who is about to get married soon should first buy a good ring or maybe they should go for diamond ring settings which are awesome in every manner. It’s the engagement ring that stays with you all the time. Before getting married if you want your loved ones to feel special then the best thing to do is to buy a good ring that can instantly impress anyone.


Girls just love to have jewell

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The best thing about jewellery, gemstones and other high value products is that they can be highly customized in every manner. today, there are numerous designs and techniques that are available which can be used to create wonderful piece of jewellery. As we all know, once you visit a jewellery store you will find a number of designs that are already being made and put up for display. However, there are thousand of designs available that can let you to design your own ring.

You can also hire

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People love to buy gemstones, beautiful jewellery and special stones. It’s a passion and sometimes it’s an obsession. Especially, girls they just love to have a good collection of jewellery and precious stones in their wardrobe. Not Today, but it seems like people have always been fascinated by the idea of wooing someone special with jewellery gifts. It has been a tried and tested method for years. One can be really sure using loose gemstones as a gift can do wonders for your material life.


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Is it the dream ring all you ever wanted?


With the advent of technology, it’s not only possible to design your own ring, but also produce as it is. Precisely, you don’t need to work at the gemology laboratory or become a jewelry designer.


Apparently, the myriad of options could be overwhelming. For example, do you want a gold or platinum ring? Do you want an emerald or a diamond on it? These questions would definitely put you in confusion. Therefore, you ought to sort out the things you

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