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AOL Desktop Gold Update

Everyone wants to use advanced software and services in this era of technology. Software developer companies always update their software on a required basis so that provide the best service to their users. One of the above information is a software AOL Desktop Gold, and this software allows users to work different tasks together. AOL establish AOL Desktop Gold Update for AOL software which allows users to enjoy AOL Desktop Gold's service for a long period of time. Featu

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How Do You Fix A Disappeared Desktop Icon For AOL Gold?

Do you remember the heyday of America Online? The commercials were all over the place, discs showed up in the mail unsolicited, and you could also find them on the counters of many stores across the land, free to take. There were so many install discs out there that some people were organizing recycling efforts, making mosaics on their walls out of them, using them as coasters, or even mailing back bulk packages of them to AOL in protest. 

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