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Presently, do guinea pigs need bedding in their Guinea Pig C&C Cages? The appropriate response is truly, obviously, they do it. To give a guinea a chance to pig rest in an enclosure without bedding resembles leaving a human rest on the floor. Obviously, bedding is significant for guinea pigs and people since it encourages them both.

A great many people decide not to recreate just on the grounds that they don't have space for additional pigs. Others Guinea pig raisers understand that they have

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The Guinea Pig & Fleece Cage Liners is the home of your guinea pig. This is where they will spend most of their lives. Guinea pigs tend to live best in groups, but many standard commercial cages are not large enough even for a pair of pigs. Here, the bigger is really better. The old 2 square foot guide per guinea pig is considered outdated and not enough space. Many consider this too narrow and it is recommended that you provide a space of 7.5 square feet for one guinea pig and 10.5 feet for a p

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The Guinea Pig Bedding & Cage Liners that works best for you should be founded for the most part on the sort and size of the confine/cubby walled in area, and the time and spending that you have.


Whatever measured fenced in area you use, you'll have to give roughly one to 2 "profundity, of sheet material item. It isn't prescribed to utilize Cedar cuts as they contain oils which can finish up in breathing issues.


Sawdust is excessively grimy and will intrude with breath, and corncob bed

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Rather than bedding, many guinea pig owners are beginning to discover the use of Fleece Guinea Pig Cage Liners in their cages. It sounds a little ridiculous right? Not like that one may think. Rather than be absorbed into the fleece itself when it is washed and dried several times, the liquid can actually pass straight through the fabric, Fleece is a unique material. Depending on how many piggies may be living together this leaves the surface of the fleece dry and comfortable for several days. I

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