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Aniruddh Nagodra is the CEO of factoHR, which is a cloud-based human payroll software. He is determined to provide Indian companies a HR software which will automate the HR process which will eventually helps in cost reduction of a company. He has successfully launched HR Software for mobile, web and desktop software.


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Do you know what could have been done to retain a departing employee in your company?

What is an exit interview?

An exit interview is conducted when an employee is leaving a company after his resignation has been accepted or has completed a project assigned to him/her. An exit interview is conducted in order to maintain the top talent employees in Payroll software organization. Exit interview software has been developed in order to maintain the actual reason for leaving.

How are exit intervie

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Business travel expenses is a standout amongst the most critical parts of an organization’s business spends. Since on a normal, organizations are spending around 10-12% of their general costs on employees’ travel. Organizations are understanding the significance of having a more secure procedure that will help streamline the travel cost administration process and are approaching towards travel expense management software.

1. Focus on Travel Parameters

Your company’s cultures, values, and budge

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The more common structures include a flat organization, which is horizontal, a hierarchy, which is vertical and a matrix. Each of these structures defines a number of different ways to organize and differentiate employees and teams:

  • By function, where employees are grouped by abilities or skill sets
  • By division, which might refer to a particular processindustryproduct, or service 
  • By location, which is simply a division based on where employees are physically located

1. Hierarchic

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factoHR is a leader in HR and payroll solutions which were developed to meet the continued goal of eliminating the headaches of HR with a modern and innovative approach.

Payroll software solution is an imperative function of HR in any organization irrespective of its size. It is very crucial for employees and organization for the payroll to be accurate and on time. To make it happen, all payroll inputs must be accurate. One of the inputs is the attendance data of employees.

Managing employee’s

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When you plan to automate your HR functions, your first debate would bewhether to go with Cloud HRIS system or On-Premise HRIS system ??This is a question which haunts every businessman and one you have to finalize definitely before looking at the options available.

Human Resource Information System or HRIS in short, is an integrated system which

• Recruitment, Training and Employee Onboarding• Attendance and Leave Management• Payroll Software Management• Performance and Appraisal Management

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Do you face challenges every day in leave management? Do you feel many times leave management is an overwhelming task? 

The easiest way to tackle the challenge is to automize and streamline your leave management system. Instead of you doing all the work, a system will do work for you! This is especially crucial for any Owner/ Entrepreneur and Payroll software as it saves time and cost of the company!

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Here’s everything you need to know about payroll software provided by factoHR


For any company maintaining employee’s updated information is important and required for statutory compliance. factoHR provides powerful and flexible HRMS module where you can store and get employees all and latest information from a single place.

2. Salary generation

To tackle this challenge factoHR comes with all integrated payroll software module. Where all the data required for payroll processing like a

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Claim or reimbursement process is considered to be one of the most complex and human-intensive processes of HR and payroll. Earlier many companies felt that employee claims cannot be fully digitized or made paperless because company as well as income tax department expect proofs of actual expense. 

1. No more checklists

In many companies, HR software department prepares a checklist for claim related criteria, eligibility and policy. Generally, a checklist is verified manually which makes emplo

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An EMI or Equated Monthly Instalment is a fixed amount of money that you need to pay to your bank or financial institution every month as repayment towards the loan you have taken until your loan is fully repaid.

For example

Mr. X wants to purchase a mobile phone online worth Rs. 15,000 wherein the EMI mentioned is Rs. 1400 per month with no cost EMI. In case Mr. X purchases it on EMI, then he will be required to pay Rs. 1400 per month for approximately 11 months (Rs. 15,000/ 1400 = 10.71 appr

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Technology has dramatically enhanced the world of HR. With the new system available to improve productivity and streamline operations, those in human resources can achieve more considerable success with the benefits of HRMS software.

HRMS software have stopped being an optional item and have now stepped into the mandatory list if the organization needs to hold their own in the dynamic marketplace and evolving technological world

  • Improving HR Productivity

With the online HRMS software, the

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