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Aniruddh Nagodra is the CEO of factoHR, which is a cloud-based human payroll software. He is determined to provide Indian companies a HR software which will automate the HR process which will eventually helps in cost reduction of a company. He has successfully launched HR Software for mobile, web and desktop software.


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When you think about the benefits of automating the expense management process, it’s easy to conjure the image of a stressed-out business traveler who is fumbling with vast numbers of receipts. Fast-forward to the image of them happily snapping an image of the receipt on their mobile phone and then tossing it away with a carefree smile on their face, and you can easily see how much expense management software can streamline the lives of end-users.

1. Reduce Delays and Errors Caused by a Paper P

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Are you ready to grow your business faster? Do you know that you can growth hack your business? Before going forward let’s understand what is growth hacking.

What is growth hacking?

As we know growth hacking has been around us only for a few years, but now it is one of the most useful terms in the tech world. Growth hacking is the process to make experiments in product development, sales department and other areas to identify how to efficiently grow the business faster. Every startup business

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Performance Management Software


Now let us understand how to achieve growth hacking through employee performance management:

Payroll Software


1. Goal setting: How do you set goals for your employees to measure growth of your business?

The first and foremost step to achieve success in any business is setting a benchmark to measure the growth. This benchmark helps a company to identify and set goals. Have you ever wondered what are the goals that can be set as a benchmark to measure employee performance? Is it possible to measu

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