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Espay Exchange is a leading & specialize in the security token exchange, forex exchange solutions and cryptocurrency exchange software development company. We offers a secure as well as fully customized, scalable, liquidity ready exchange software for startup.


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One of the first things you will need to think about is whether or not STO is the right way to raise money for your business. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and you don’t have to go with the hype. Usually, an STO is an excellent crowdfunding option for a business that is still growing. Investors are taking a significant risk, so they want big rewards in return, which only a growing company can offer. In other words, if you are looking for a bridge loan, it is better to try your tradition

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The cryptocurrency exchange is like a stock exchange, but its focus is only the cryptocurrency tokens. The investors can change their cryptos to another token or trade it for the local fiat currency too. Let us see the types of white label crypto exchange software.

5 Types of White Label Crypto Exchange Software

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The lack of legal frameworks is one of the problems still plaguing the STO market. Fortunately, different countries from across the globe have shown interest in revamping their existing laws and regulations to make it easier to issue, purchase, trade, and sell security tokens. Though such countries are only a handful, they are setting the tone to embrace the STO revolution. Read continue a list of the five most suitable countries for Security Token Offerings launching.

Guide on launching STO in different countries

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Security Token Offering (STO) has become a valuable alternative to IPOs, venture capital, and even ICOs. A security token offering mediates to the holders of tokens that are classified as securities and that confer different rights compared to utility tokens in the case of a classic ICO.

Why Business Owners Find Security Token Offerings More Attractive

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Every centralized cryptocurrency exchange has some common component. Without it, it won’t be easy for any exchange to run flawlessly.● Wallet● User Interface● Trading Engine● Admin ControlBut in addition to this, there are few features which a trader seeking in every exchange to get more interest in the use of cryptocurrency exchange. Read More

Inevitable Features Of White Label Exchange Software That You Should Demand

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The P2P cryptocurrency exchange has shown its advantages over the traditional exchange with features like the security of funds, instant transaction time, low transaction rate, and so on. Read more How Does A P2P Decentralized Exchange Work?, Components Of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges, System Specifications Required, Advantages of P2P Exchanges, Future Scope of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges Read more

What No One Tells You About Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Complete Dashboard For Managing. Leverage best out of Espay’s digital asset exchange digital asset exchange solutions and provide your traders with a wider view of the crypto economy. Read more about crypto trading dashboard features.

Crypto Trading Dashboard Features

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It is very useful to implement freely-flowing UI design while developing crypto currency exchange platform. It aids to get more customers on the board from each corner of the world. Read more about Espay Exchange UI designing features.

Exchange UI Designing Features


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Leverage reliable digital asset exchange platform from Espay that comprises internal system level security for your crypto trading business. Serve your traders with more secure and more efficient crypto trading platform and give importance to their privacy. Read More.

Blockchain Technology

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Our STO agency is responsible for the programming of your STO Investor Dashboard, which enables the sale or purchase of your security tokens. We have been involved in the development of both ICO and STO dashboards and platforms for multiple projects and have the expertise required to professionally implement these applications.Our full-service STO agency in Australia offers future STO projects comprehensive legal advice and preparation of legal STO documentation through our partner network of la

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