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An important part of keeping a pond or lake healthy is not only adequate aeration but also adequate levels of beneficial bacteria. There is always a lot of guess work involved in knowing if you have enough beneficial bacteria in your pond. The best way to determine this is looking at your ponds water clarity. If your pond or lake is clear then it is healthy and the beneficial bateria is doing it job. However, if the pond is depleted of good bacteria, you will see muck and algae start to build

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amherst-3-hpGood oxygen levels are essential for good bacteria to live. The deeper the pond is, the more oxygen is depleted on the lower levels of the pond. That is why it is harder to aerate a large pond. Pond owners need to aerate with pond aerators, large pond  fountains, sub surface aeration systems or they can build a waterfall to create movement and also make the pond beautiful. The real goal is to create a thriving environment for the beneficial bacteria can grow and support healthy aquatic life.

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Now that we are well into summer and the weather continues to heat up, and oxygen in your pond or lake is becoming more deleted. This condition can cause algae and other aquatic weeds to take over. Here are 6 weed control tools that can make the job easier and keep this problem in check.


Aquatic Weed Eradicator:

This is a cutting rake for pond and lake weeds. The rust proof serrated blade is 28" long and 11' long pole allows for easy reach and cutting weeds at the lake bottom. Disassembles f

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weed-duckweed (002)

There are 3 types of Duckweed in North America. There is Common Duckweed, Giant Duckweed and Dotted Duckweed. All duckweed grows in ponds, lakes and streams. Duckweed grows in dense groups in quiet still water, and usually there is more than one type of duckweed living in the water. All duckweed is aggressive inhabitant in ponds and if left untreated, can cover the surface of the pond quickly. This will cause depletion of oxygen and possibly cause fish kills. Ducks do eat duckweed and often tr

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Without the use of a pond aerator your pond will become stagnant during the long hot summer months. Not to mention the stress that it will put the fish though and possibly cause fish kills. Oxygen enters the pond by grabbing it from the air and bringing it back into the pond. These floating decorative pond aerators, because they have a propeller attached to the motor on the unit, mixes the water at a high volume at the lower levels of the pond. This manner of aeration attacks the problem in tw

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