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Curaa is a Healthcare Professional Placement Portal based in Nagpur (Maharashtra-Central India) since 2009, with an extensive database of locally based doctors. We are focused on strengthening the healthcare Industry by helping Motivated and Talented Doctors propel their careers in India. We are the only consultants from Nagpur (Maharashtra-Central India) to provide Doctors to speciality and multispeciality Hospitals and Clinics in India. is a premier healthcare professional recruitm


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The healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors in terms of revenue and employment. This remarkable growth of health care sector is due to rising coverage of disease, services and increasing expenditure by public. As such Jobs in healthcare industry are continuously in demand all over India. Healthcare organisations are always in need of highly talented and qualified professionals with expertise and thoroughness. Allied healthcare focussing on assisting the healthcare professionals is also

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The concept of healthcare job openings in India, is going beyond hospitals. The health care industry in India has witnessed remarkable growth in the past few years. Online presence of healthcare industry has created unlimited opportunity and challenging environment for the healthcare professionals looking for job opportunities. Healthcare aggregators are connecting lakhs of patients to licensed pharmacist, diagnostics centres and healthcare products online for their extensive medical needs and i

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Curaa is the only specialised Indian healthcare recruitment portal exclusively providing medical job opportunities in India. Curaa provides employment opportunities to job seekers from healthcare industry based on their preferences and experience. Curaa also provides employers, the employees best suitable as per the requirement of their job description, quickly, effectively and inexpensively in the shortest possible time. Hospitals post a vacancy with our Recruitment Portal stating their Require

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Healthcare and medical jobs; i.e. jobs in hospitals and various other segments of healthcare are on the rise. Doctors are in demand and so is associated medical healthcare staff. The reason for this is that the Indian Medical Tourism industry is big and expected to get bigger in next two years. Medical and healthcare is turning out to be one of India’s largest growth sectors in terms of revenue as well as employment.

Healthcare sector encompasses hospitals, companies manufacturing or marketin

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Medical Jobs for Healthcare Professionals which are practiced by healthcare and other segments of healthcare are on rise. Tremendous opportunities for medical healthcare jobs in India exist within this industry and is continuing to expand rapidly. Medical job openings in healthcare sector in India offer opportunities to pursue diverse career avenues.

Curaa, a healthcare recruitment portal, headquartered at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, specializes in providing best jobs in healthcare organisati

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“Creative and strategic branding solutions build the brand that lasts….”

Our Employer branding solutions are designed specifically to meet your unique requirements and are based on our rigorous marketing of your business thus providing you with comprehensive solution for all your branding woes. provides you with the best solutions like Banner advertisement (Banner advertising means showcase your Company name in front of targeted audience) , i.e. hyperlink for company name (Log

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If you want to know why urology jobs in India are on the rise, this post is for you. India owing to boom in healthcare industry is being viewed by the world as medical hub where treatments are much cheaper and infrastructure and doctors as competent. As more and more state-of-the-art hospitals are being set up, which have department for Urology, the demand for urology jobs are rising.

Urology is a field of medicine that focuses on health of urinary system. One who has specialized in this bran

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This post is for job aspirants looking for employment in healthcare sector. If you find yourself lost with regard to how to go about finding a suitable job that syncs with your skill, there is much good news in the waiting. Healthcare jobs in India are growing in an organized manner. And the best example of lies in emergence of Healthcare job portals.

Why are Healthcare Industry Jobs on the Rise?

Healthcare industry is thriving in India as never before. We don’t just see hospitals coming up

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If you are a doctor and looking for RMO vacancy in Mumbai, it is a wiser call to understand what is expected out of candidate applying for the job, and understand the role well, before applying for one. This homework that you do will help you face interviews with greater confidence, and answer the questions put to you with ease and confidence. In other words, if you get clarity on what an RMO is, his role, and what does he do, it will be easy for you to take your decision with regard to medical

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If you’re looking for laparoscopic surgeon jobs, or helping someone find one, let’s first get an overall view about this profession to get better control. Laparoscopic surgery is in great demand for the many benefits it offers. It is also commonly referred to as minimal invasive surgery which is a specialized and advanced surgery technique.  In the beginning when it was still gaining acceptance, it was performed for gynaecological cases and complications or for gall bladder surgeries. 

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