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We have one of the largest selections of granite and other natural stone in the area. With more than 5,000 slabs and over 400 colors to choose from on site, it makes shopping for your granite extremely convenient.



Choosing a kitchen cabinet for your home can be a quiet gruelling task because you don’t know which brand and quality will suit best to your requirements. But no need to be worried anymore!! Countertop & More is there to help you out!!

 Yes, you heard it right! In this blog post, Countertops & More will help you know why you should choose marillat kitchen cabinets for your house. Let’s delve down to gather maximum information about Marillat!

 Reasons describing why Marillat is the best option!

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Dreaming of a new bathroom or kitchen? Whether you are building a new house or remodeling, Merillat cabinet has all the cabinets, vanities, hardware, and storage accessories to bring awesome style and elegance to your home.   

Merillat cabinet parts are one of the premium brands obtainable through our company. We at Counter Tops provide Merillat cabinets for homeowners interested in value, with uncompromised design and sturdy finish. It’s not for the frugal clients, but for customers, those tru

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Are you planning for a renovation of your home? But worried about which brand to choose in regards to quality and reliability. Not an issue with Countertops as we have a team of expert who is going to assist you with everything that is required for you to make your sweet home look as charming and beautiful as possible. The team takes care of all the aspects that you have in your mind and clears each minute doubt that might be bugging you in regards to cabinets, flooring and outdoor kitchen. One

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The First and foremost thing that comes to mind when you think about granite as countertops is likely their beauty.  Granite lends an air of luxury to any domicile, and will help elevate the design of your kitchen, and bathroom to a new level. The second most imperative or essential factor people think of when considering granite countertops is likely the price- while it’s true that granite is something of an investment , that have a large number of advantages over other materials that makes the

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If you read reviews, you will discover that home owners across the internet are split into two factions: those who prefer granite countertops, and those who can’t sustain without quartz. Take a step back from the rhetoric, though and they all have one thing in general; everyone loves their countertops. As with most materials, however the appeal of granite versus quartz boils down to personal taste or choice. 

For year’s quartz countertop Naples fl has been the most popular choice for upscale ki

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So you have been searching for marble remnants near me? Marble remnants particularly, are a very popular choice with today’s designers and consumers. Marble remnants have been used as a work surface for centuries, and provide a longer durability. 

What are marble remnants?

Remnants are a natural part of the stone production process. Most marble remnant slabs are typically in the form of huge blocks or already cut into slabs. These marble remnants exude elegance and sophistication, interior acc

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Choosing the right kitchen counter top is essential! Not only because you want a surface that can withstand the test of time, but also the normal wear and tear that comes with regular use. For fulfilling your elegance as well as functionality beautiful granite kitchens are the best option to opt for. 

Beautiful granite kitchens! Why? Granite has been one of the most preferred or desired countertop materials for kitchen for many years now. Granite counter tops are durable, beautiful, easy to tak

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Are you planning for a new or redesigning your kitchen? If yes then Countertops & more have lots of options for you to choose from and at a reasonable price. You will be amazed to know that we have the largest natural stone collection in and around the locality. We have set very high benchmarks with our products as we want our customers to enjoy the luxury of owning a quality and beautiful countertops, not to mention without having to spend a fortune. 

With an inventory comprising of more than

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Choosing a kitchen cabinet for your home can be a little arduous task because you don’t know which brand and dealer to trust these kinds of task. But, to make your task easy and pleasant one, Countertops & more are here with best of the cabinetry brand like Merillat, and many more. We believe our customers deserve the best of everything and so are we committed to delivering them what they deserve. 

Whether you are looking for something more on the modern side or something that would reflect t

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So you are searching for Merillat kitchen cabinets? Counter Tops & More is the largest online inventory to discover genuine Merillat kitchen cabinets and its allied elements. 

As white kitchens have continued to grow in popularity, Merillat kitchen cabinets have responded by creating their new cotton paint finishes. Inspired by timeless appeal of white kitchens, Merillat has commenced the new cotton, cotton with Tuscan glaze, as well as cotton with Tuscan accent finishes. They are trendy, brigh

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