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Employee Productivity

Want To Enhance Employee Productivity? Here’s How

Technology is evolving each year and with that, it is automating different business processes to ease the workload for entrepreneurs. However, one of the major concerns for every business has always been employee management as they are an integral part. It is quite challenging to keep track of each employee concerning their performance. That’s the reason businesses are seeking for technology that can help them to attain this. This is where

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How To Reduce Android App Size -7 Strategies That Will Work For You

Why We have to reduce android app APK size? Android is one of the most approached operating systems due to its user-friendly interface and accessibility to millions of free. That’s the reason you will find maximum Android smartphone users across the globe. As per Statistic reports 2019, Android 8.0 Oreo had the major share among all the versions. Check in the fig, given below:

Reduce Android App Size

This is why competition in the market is increas

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Introduction Native vs Cross-Platform Native Development

It will always be a struggle in choosing the better one. Because of this conflict, the web world confines in choosing anyone. Every tech updates daily and so to choose the right one between the native and cross-platform is becoming difficult. Thus, constant up-gradation of these tech invites another comparison for the better one now.

See, every tech has its pluses and minuses. And cross-platform and native development tech is no other

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First Let’s Discuss the Workflow:

When your application is ready to release to make the build process easy you can use Flutter tooling as it helps to make the entire build process easy.

But some of the developers didn’t think this way and they don’t find the process as configurable for their custom build or CI (Continuous Integration) setups.

If you have a custom Xcode build than all the vision added by Flutter tooling is optional and you can configure the build that suits your workflow

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This means to use prebuilt templates like community self-service, customer self-service, employee self-service, and partner management.

These allow reaching external customers and internal customers by extending Dynamic 365 Customer Engagement Applications.

 Advance Administration Capabilities:

To add Vanity Domain Names, Diagnostic Logging, IP Address filtering, To turn off/Restart website, and Maintenance Mode or many more you can use Advanced administration capabilities as per need.

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Features of Appstudio for ArcGIS
  1. Economize on the development cost: There is no possible reason needed now to hire a specialized developer who charges extravagantly. With the advent of AppStudio, you can now create user-friendly apps without the outside developers which reduce the cost of development. Also, you can reach us, as we are a hybrid mobile app development company.
  2. Reach all the popular app stores: You will be able to reach yourself to Google Play, Microsoft and Apple play stores w
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Why Flutter is an ideal platform for startups?
  1. Reusable codes- Running on a single codebase, Flutter allow developers to write one code and reuse it for different platforms for mobile app programming, thereby saving time and money of entrepreneurs.
  2. Reduction on development cost- No need to invest in the separate platform because with Flutter you can target the audience of both the platforms with great ease and less cost. The cost is comparatively less than Native apps.
  3. Plugins are available
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Android Q vs iOS 13 – Which is better?

Well, it seems that competition is tough! This time iOS have focused more security and privacy features for the users by announcing Sign in with Apple. However, there’s no fascinating feature introduced by Google, yet the live captions are major software for them. Both have their own fancy features and set of advantages which is quite difficult to avoid and choose from.

If you’re planning to build an Android or iOS application with the leading android dev

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If you need an application that has a secure payment flow in your website and you don’t want to implement the same payment functionality for mobile view or an app that can display a web page without opening a device’s browser than all you need is a cool plugin by flutter that allows to incorporate with web views into flutter app that makes all the functionalities possible.

As flutter web view plugin is just like any other widget that can easily incorporate the web view plugin into the app and m

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Recently, at the beginning of this year, Google released its first I/O technical preview of Flutter for web development. Google flutter I/O team has extended their focus from mobile to integrate with a broader set of devices. Flutter has been around for quite some time now and you could find hundreds of flutter developers in the market. This hybrid platform enables business owners to develop their app on both platform-Android and iOS- without involving two different developers as everything can

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