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In addition to the tax or accounting field, labor standards services are increasingly demanded by SMEs and large companies. and in this field, Connors Group is the leading company. - The Connors Group reduces times and streamlining of procedures: Either a newly created company or with many years of experience, having these types of services covered will help maximize time effectively.

- Informing about subsidies and published aid will allow more effective decisions to be made according to the

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The Connors Group can help the team look beyond the unproductive fights and quickly get a project moving forward again. An external expert is a neutral part capable of operating outside the political process that sometimes hinders internal teams. Inefficient planning and project execution cost the company money in other ways as well.

Charges for late payment and for accelerating work can add up, especially when it becomes the norm and is no exception.

At Connors Group, with a strong met

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