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Aside from all the affairs of great importance, businesses around the globe should be totally obsessed with their customers. I mean, those people literally keep your company afloat - you cannot neglect them. Thanks to IT, there is a bunch of solutions like CRM software allowing businesses to building and maintaining customer relationships effectively wherever they are.

Let's face it, real estate business is in dire need of CRM solutions. Fields like this one are intended for long-lo

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Set up your iOS developer requirements

Before hiring ios app developer, you have to learn your project inside and out. That's the only way to make informed decisions and set the right requirements for iOS developer.

Here are several tips that'll help you approach this process:

1. Describe the overall idea

Write down the general idea of your application in order not to get lost in your thoughts. You can devote a small paragraph or a sentence to this d

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So how to create a dating app?

Dating app development can be both profitable for you and a good solution for people that want to find a soulmate. So check this article out to see how to build your dating app. How to create a dating app To give you a hint on how to create a dating app, follow these steps below:
  • Step 1. Study the functionality principle of the dating app
  • Step 2. Analyze main benefits before you build a dating app 
  • Step 3. Create the structure and design of a dating a
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How to create an app like Netflix: Follow these steps to build your Netflix-like streaming service:  
  • Step 1. Follow the right strategy to start Netflix-like app building 
  • Step 2. Prepare your business model 
  • Step 3. Use tech stack to create streaming service like Netflix 
  • Step 4. Add MVP features to build the skeleton of your service 
  • Step 5. Consider all the important requirements to keep up with 
  • Step 6. Keep up with useful hints to make your service successful 
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How to create a chat application like WhatsApp in 6 steps
  • Step #1Choose a proper business model to keep up with;
  • Step #2Find experienced developers;
  • Step #3. Consider team's location;
  • Step #4. Build the app architecture;
  • Step #5. Add MVP features to build the basic app;
  • Step #6. Build a great design.
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Innovation in hotel industry: Why do you need a hotel app?   We won't take your time arguing that a website is no longer enough in 2018. If you're reading this article -- you probably already know that. We better take a look at some real reasons behind the creation of the hotel app. 1. It's convenient for customers There is the entire generation of technology lovers and just tech-savvy guests who want to experience hotel innovation and get an instant access to some options or services. H continue reading →