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A complete uber clone app with Taxi dispatch software to optimize your taxi businesses. Try our taxi dispatch system to mange your fleet operation.


For a start, few cars and drivers are needed and, over time, it can be expanded gradually as you start to take advantage of it. But before you start, you need to understand and research the industry to understand the competition and the public need

This taxi dispatch procedure is based on the closest coordinate method, which means that the taxi to which a reservation is assigned is the one that is closest to the customer's location in terms of straight-line distance. However, the assigned taxi

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There are 4 4 Car Accessories a taxi dispatch system driver Must Have in order to leisure themselves. We know driving is sometimes boring thats why u should have the items!

1. Sunglasses.

Riding off into the sunset works great for the western heroes; it is not so great when you need to keep your car on the road. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on them, but they are good to have for almost all occasions. It can help with sun and rain glare. It is an asset to have for your work. 

2.A boo

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One thing about Taxi Dispatch software is that they take their customer reviews seriously. The probability of people choosing you as a driver when needed again is based on the reviews in form of stars that other customers that you have carried had given. As a customer who is looking for a driver on your dispatch app to get you to where you are going safely, you will definitely want a person that has well reviews from the people he has carried. The question now is that

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