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DM Service Centre is a leading automotive repairs service provider in Waterloo since 1986. We have been dedicated to our customers for 30 years. Many hundreds of area residents have come to depend on us, and to rely on the technical expertise of our friendly staff to keep their family vehicles in peak running condition.


With the recent UN climate summit, more and more people are thinking about their carbon footprint on this one beautiful earth we have. How many times have you stared out the window at the trees and tall grass while stuck in traffic and thought about your car, just sitting there idly along with the hundreds of other vehicles, spewing out all sorts of nasty stuff into the air we breathe? That’s why it’s so important to get regular emission testing to ensure your vehicle leaves the least amount of

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If you’re in the Waterloo area, you know that best place for Emission Testing Waterloo and Brake Repair Waterloo is this auto repair shop. You know that it’s been in business in the same location for almost 30 years, making it one of the top auto shops in the area. Locally, it is known as being a specialist in domestic cars and trucks and also boasts a stellar drive clean facility. The licensed technicians are always staying up to date with constant training and testing.


Emission Testing Wat

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A car is a person's prized possession and in Canada people's lifestyle is highly dominated by cars. The type of car you own, its color, its customization, style and how smooth it runs is of utmost importance to you. Most people are crazy about cars but when it comes to its servicing, they do not pay much attention. If you want your car to run perfectly, you must consider maintaining your car's health. There are several components of the car that needs proper servicing like transmission, brakes a

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When a company has been in business steadily since 1986 it speaks volumes to their integrity and workmanship. With the same location and the same customers, they are not only dependable but heavily relied upon by members of the community for their regular automotive maintenance and repairs. With a fair balance between domestic and imported vehicles, the team of highly skilled professionals at Muffler Repair Waterloo has mastered the ins and outs of providing the best care to every vehicle that e

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Brakes may not be the most beautiful part of a car but they are certainly one of the most crucial. Paying attention to certain warning signs that indicate a sign that your brakes need service. Such as brakelight appearing on your car’s dashboard or feeling that your vehicle is taking too long to stop than usual when it is needed or even grinding sounds coming from them. These are warning sign that your brakes need some form of repair.

By checking the thickness of the brake pads this will help y

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