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Annova is an online store for home & kitchen appliances. Get the best small kitchen appliances to for making your task easy in the kitchen and in less time. Basic Home appliances for regular needs.


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CD Player

With its brightly colored design, this CD player from Lexibook is perfect for fans. It has 2x 0.8W speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite music and radio stations via the analog AM/FM radio tuner and the top-load CD player. Buy this Boombox Portable Radio CD player from at best price.

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Buy this top-selling JVC headphone from, which comes with a soft rubber body. The oval shape offers a snug fit, and the bass is equally impressive.

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The funky right colors and powerful sound quality of these headphones from JVC can impress you instantly. Buy this Neodymium driver powered headphone from right away!

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Gaming Mouse

Customize your mouse in ways you thought impossible and stand out in the crowd with our RGB, 16.8 million colors, dual level lighting. Control the weight of your device with our weight tuning system. With this, you'll be able to give your mouse the exact weight that feels comfortable to you. Get this Gamdias ZEUS gaming mouse from at best price.

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Gaming Keyboard

Hermes RGB exceeds basic user demand and enriches the distinct design of the GAMDIAS Hermes Series. The Hermes RGB mechanical keyboard is small but elegant; simple yet powerful with flexibility for all types of gamers. 16.8 million color backlighting with 13 pre-set lighting effect modes. You can buy it from at best price.

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Panasonic Headphones

It’s the time to impress everyone around you with this pair of ultra-slim brand-new headphones from Panasonic, which comes with a high gloss finish. The 30mm driver unit delivers crystal clear audio quality, and the design is highly ergonomic. Get it from right now!

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Health Products

This easy to use nebulizer is not just portable but quite efficient too. You can purchase it from at the best price. With features like 360-deg operations and particle size of 4.5 um you are sure to the best experience.

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Bikini trimmer

Looking to buy a bikini trimmer that offers a smooth performance minus any kind of discomfort? If yes, you really need to take a look at this model from Remington. It can trim down the hair to 0.2mm with its Trim Shave Technology. Buy it from right away!

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For sports enthusiasts, this pair of headphones from JVC is the perfect music companion. The lightweight design and sweat proof material ensure you get the best experience even when performing the toughest moves. You can check it out on

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Sony Headphones

Are you looking for the best noise canceling wireless headphone at a pocket-friendly price? Well, this model from Sony will blow off your mind with its superb noise cancellation ability combined with high-resolution audio quality. You can get it from

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