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I am Vision from India. Our Service are data entry, e-publishing, Seo Service, digital publishing, translation.

Optimal solutions for Digital Typesetting

Typesetting is a process that involves processing text and illustrations into specified patterns to form a complete document for printing. Traditionally it was about assembling letters and words and now its software based. An organized publishing is what Vision Tech helps you with.

The following are the applications we can assist you:

  •  Adobe InDesign CS
  •  QuarkXPress
  •  Frame maker
  •  MS-Word
  •  TeX/LaTeX


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Get your transcription done by our 100% accurate digital transcription services. We are specialized in providing professional transcription services to a wide range of industries with a rapid turnaround time.

We offer the best quality work to the writers, professors, students, for legal works and entrepreneurs. Our absolutely efficient transcription services lend sufficient and accurate results to our clients.

Our motive is to provide our clients extremely precise transcripts on time. Listed b

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