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NobareQ or ”No Banks Required” is a financial service company. Whether you are first-time home buyer exploring house-related finances or homeowner looking for ways to sell your home, we offer a myriad of reliable solutions to you. We cater to customers seeking foreclosure prevention, mortgage consulting, and similar issues.


It’s not like a garage sale if that’s what you think.”

Some people believe that estate sale is where auctioneers go on hammering quick and easy. It’s far more complex than a simple garage sale. Generally, people would go on to hire a professional for putting up the sale, where some liquidators may charge a hefty percentage for themselves.

If you are someone querying for “estate sale of my house,” here’s a list of tips you should know about.

A clear understanding of the debts

Are there any d

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Trying to climb up the property ladder?

Had been saving it up for all of this?

You should be eying for the right amount of finances to start looking for properties. As a first-time buyer, you should decide on an ideal sum to borrow.

Let’s start with the deposit.

How much have you saved to date? We’re rounding this off because it will help you determine to find ways of first time buyer mortgages in more or less manner. For example, if you have saved less, you will need more amount to buy the

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