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Global Air Ambulance Services in Delhi is well equipped with the modern and advanced setup of the medical air evacuation services.


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Since the Global air ambulance in Chennai offers all day and night emergency service with the availability of the doctor and medical team, the patient can be transported to the hospital even in a critical health situation.

It offers patient transfer services in all over the area of India with the branch offices in Kolkata, Chennai, Patna, Delhi, Ranchi, and Guwahati and all over the world.

People have been greatly influenced by its service in the field of medical and healthcare. Hence don’t ge

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You know that a significant medical emergency is unprecedented. In some situations, a patient must be immediately transported to other cities to facilitate them with better medical care. At Global, we have acknowledged the rapid growth in demand for air ambulances from Ranchi to Delhi in the recent year. To meet the high demand for commercial patient transfers, we have upgraded our aircraft with the latest and precise medical devices such as ventilators, respirators, cardiac monitors, CPR machin

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The global air ambulance in Guwahati and Patna provide medically equipped and staffed ambulance service with ICU facility. Also, it is specialized in bedside to bedside patient transfer by charter and commercial aircraft, train ambulance and road ambulance.

Due to giving full time 24/7 hour service, it is more popular among people and therefore People recommend it more for emergency service.

Time punctuality( reach the patient to the destination point at the promised time), a nonstop bed to be

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Call the Global air ambulance in Ranchi and Kolkata for emergency patient transport to the top best hospital and the patient transfer by the skilful medical staff and under the care of an experienced doctor.

You will get the ambulance as per suitable for you. The Global Train ambulance, road ambulance, charter and commercial aircraft come with some speciality through which you can easily transport the patient to the hospital.


Medical pieces of equipment available inside Global train and air

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Get high equipped and staffed ambulances for patient shifting to long-distance from the Global ground and Air Ambulance in Patna. It also provides medical facility to the patient such as:

  • Bed to bed transfer
  • Reach the patient to the hospital on time (punctual)
  • 24/7 hours of emergency service
  • Low-cost service
  • Shift patient under the surveillance of the Doctor and paramedic team and nurse to take care


All the ambulance of Global is fully fitted with the world’s best medical pieces of e

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A person suffering from a critical illness can be easily relocated by the Global’s ICU equipped ground or air ambulance service in Chennai.

The Global ground and air ambulance are not only depended on the ICU but also equipped with other many leading-edge machines which play a critical role in the emergency treatment of the patient while transferring.

article 2

The Global Air Ambulance these following emergency medical facilities to a person in need:

Full-time nursing care

It gives doctor, technicia

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The doctor and paramedic team of Global Air Ambulance Service in Delhi, help the patient during bed to bed transfer by train or air ambulance; and in such situation, it requires high-level care of a patient having a fragile health condition.

The patients, who are transferred by global train and air ambulance service, get lots of premium medical bandits and some of them are:

  • Bed to bed shifting
  • Patient transfers under the supervision of medical specialists such as MD doctor and paramedic tea
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If you want the best air ambulance service then contact Global Air Ambulance service from various cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai, Guwahati, Patna, Kolkata, Ranchi etc. They give the specialized medical rescue service. Global Air Ambulance is working for you with our medical and technical team for 24 hours. You can get all the ambulance service related information like pricing, doctor and other facilities through call our team is there to assist you properly.


Global Air Ambulance from Ko

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Health problems are common in this modern era and shifting has become mandatory for patients due to non-availability of better treatment facilities in the city. In such a situation, Global Air Ambulance Services in Kolkata is functioning in the most appropriate and effective manner with proper bed-to-bed facilities for the patients.


All our chartered aircraft are also fully equipped with all types of life-saving medical facilities such as ventilators, cardiac monitors, commercial stretchers,

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Whenever in medical urgency, the global air ambulance provides immediately medical assistant by the experienced medical team and when it comes to shifting a patient the ground and air ambulance is always ready and medically furnished with all types of facility.

Call whenever in emergency and the medical team will guide and assist you to get rid of a medical problem.


The Global Air Ambulance in Guwahati offering specialized patient transport service by charter and commercial aircraft, reach s

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