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Scottish kilt has a colorful and long record of tartans, while Irish kilts are a bit spotty. Irish kilts were probably a long tunic that is made from color cloth, normally dark green or saffron. This solid toned is a sign of Celtic nationalism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Now, Irish kilts are a little bit simpler than the multi-color and plaid Scottish tartans kilt.

This Irish Tartan Kilt is perfect for any special events like wedding, sports events like rugby games,

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Do you want to wear a high quality tartan kilt? If yes, then this Scottish National High Quality Tartan Kilt is perfect for you.

It is a made to measure tartan made from acrylic wool with knife pleat and buckle of three. It also features a leather strap that you will be very impressed and amazed about this tartan. This is the reason why it is ideal for casual occasions or even for Scottish sporting events.

This Scottish National Formal Tartan Kilt is made from a selected range of some of

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People can see the charm of utility kilts and are getting their hands on one of them. Available at a cheap price of $52, here is modern utility kilt for active men like you made of the highest quality and durability. Here’s a utility kilt with simple but functional design for men who consistently face challenges every day.  

It is a unique custom made kilt with 3 leather straps and 3 buckles that offer you the most comfortable using 100% cotton fabric. Customers can choose any color, any

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The style of this royal Stewart utility style tartan kilt is traditional with added functionality. The custom button placement and buckle closure give our kilts a unique flair you won't find anywhere else.

Since it is made from acrylic wool, you will stay comfortable throughout the day. Even if you are working outside on a hot day, you will not sweat a lot as the kilt is cool and comfy to wear.

The cargo pockets are large enough to accommodate bulky king rings, utility tools, and even your sma

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Wallace tartan kilt is made in 5 to 8 yards (depends on size) high-quality acrylic wool with deep and sharp knife pleats. Each of the knife pleats in this kilt is sewn individually to assure of providing manageable and sharp features. It has also three leather straps that are very flexible enough to fit anyone’s body, with beautiful color.  

It has also three leather straps that are very flexible enough to fit anyone’s body. It is a made to measure tartan kilt where customers can

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The Stylish Kilt for Active Men is designed with the needs, lifestyle, and taste of active men. Whether you are looking for something comfortable for work or stylish enough for casual wear, this kilt will never disappoint you. The fabric is available in various colors including red, white, black, blue, gray, green, brown and khaki. It is also durable, so you can wear it while playing your favorite sports or doing other outdoor activities. The knife pleats and flared fit allow you to move freely.

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The sporran is an important part of a Highland traditional costume, a Scottish purse known through the whole world. Kilts are becoming quite popular today and with that, you need the best sporran to complete your attire.  

This genuine leather white horse hair sporran makes for the perfect accessory to your kilt with its stylish black horse hair tassels and the unique designs by the hands of experts in traditional stitching. The sporran features chrome engraved caps and chains looking incred

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The Leather Utility Kilt is perfect for active men. It is made to measure, so you are assured that it will fit. It has 2.25" belt loops, so you can fasten and adjust the kilt without any problem. The Leather Utility Kilt is pleated all the way but has a flat front for the best fit. Whether you are working or you are going to a casual event, this Leather Utility Kilt is perfect for you. It’s made from luxury grade cowhide leather, so it has a luxurious feel. You don’t need to worry because the ki

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Royal Stewart Tartan kilt is the ever-popular tartan, retrospectively related to the majestic House of Stewart and Queens Elizabeth II personal tartan. The set was initially published in the year 1831 in James Logan book “The Scottish Gael. Officially, this is worn by Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Black Watch pipers as well as the Scots Guards.  

At this point in time, this chic and cool Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt can be utilized in festivities for bands and clans as well. This is made from abo

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  The US Army Digital Camo Kilt has 2 detachable pockets and key hook for your keys. The tactical kilt is comfortable to wear. It can be worn for work, semi-casual occasions, and casual dress. The custom made kilt gives you all the features that you require for convenience and comfort while remaining fashionable.  

The pockets can hold items such as your utility tools and smartphone. This means that you don’t have to go back and forth just to get the items you need. The US Army Digital Camo

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