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Dariya is a marketing specialist, content creator and editor at Anadea, a software company specialized in developing bespoke IT solutions for education, medicine, real estate and other business sectors.

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When the business growth, a digital product needs to scale. However, scaling an application if the code has bugs and vulnerabilities  can be a nightmare.  Running a software audit before scaling a software product allows you to better understand of the state of your project and make the right decisions about the product development roadmap.

Benefits of 3rd-party code audit

Key benefits of a third-party code audit:

  1. Additional expertise. A 3rd party code auditor brings in external expertise, which can help resolve issues yo
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Speech recognition technology has drastically improved over the last few years in the ability to recognize spoken words, including  medical terminology, and respond to them appropriately. Voice-enabled IT systems now have many actual and potential uses in the healthcare environment. 

In medical software development, voice recognition technology is used to reduce paperwork, smooth the flow of information through your medical system and allow healthcare professionals focus on patients.

The ben

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Digital transformation is a complex undertaking, that requires embracing IT innovations and introducing these innovations in the organization as a means of addressing business problems. Business analysis plays an important role in this process.

The value of a business analyst in the digital transformation projects:

  1. Improving efficiency. By facilitating communication between business and development stakeholders, business analysts allow all team members focus on their core responsibilities.
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With tons of patient and supplies data, the medical industry is a haven for big data management. 

However,  the medical record keeping must follow specific regulatory and security requirements to protect the data and avoid potential breaches, which requires developing reliable medical software systems.

The more data that is available, the easier it is to make informed decisions. Below are some reasons why big data is a game changer in the healthcare industry.

  • Big data gives healthcare pro
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When it comes to selecting a CRM solution for a real estate company, there is a dilemma: go with an off-the-shelf CRM or opt for a custom-built solution.


There is a big gap between a custom-built CRM system and off-the-shelf CRM software in terms of usability and performance. and each of them has its own pros and cons.

There are many off-the-shelf CRM tools on the market and they might seem a cheaper option. However, they are designed to meet the needs of most businesses and companies usuall

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Digitization is transforming the real estate. Cloud-based solutions, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and other innovations are going to drive forward a changing landscape in the property business.


Here is what we can expect in the near future:

Predictive analytics. Big data, AI and machine learning provide exciting opportunities for real estate experts through aggregating data from multiple sources and delivering true market insights which will help investors get a better insig

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Around the world, billions are spent every year on treating patients with preventable  diseases. Healthcare services can’t afford to keep taking the curative approach anymore.  Adopting the right preventative  healthcare measures can help people live longer and more comfortable lives.


Medical services providers and healthcare software development companies play the key role in introducing  much-needed changes in the lives of millions. Technology solutions (health online platforms, podcasts, f

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Property managers are constantly juggling three responsibilities: looking after tenants, keeping property safe and secure, and maintaining consistent returns for property owners.

With the right real estate IT solutions in place, property managers can improve the tenant experience, make sense of all of the data property systems generate and facilitate the process of filling empty spaces.  Implementing these sort of improvements helps to manage assets more efficiently and to increase property

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AI, IoT, machine learning and other technologies are changing healthcare. Tech companies like Samsung, Apple and Amazon, are investing in the healthcare sector. There's a probability that the idea of the smart hospital will become a reality, at least to some extent, in the foreseeable future.

Actually the technologies we already have can be adopted by medical software developers to improve patient care and healthcare outcomes:

  • in bio-telemetry to collect data about patients' health and phy
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Digital innovations are changing our lives - from daily routines to social behaviour, we now use technologies to improve what we do. This trend did not bypass the way we realn and now online tools are used to improve the employees' skills and boost their productivity.

Elearning trends

To maintain the highest level of professional productivity, you should allow your employees to keep learning and acquiring new skills. While traditional classroom-based training takes a lot of time and efforts, eLearning helps o

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