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6 days ago

What is CRM ..?

( Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is a tailor-made software used for sales and marketing. It is available in a web-based and desktop-based version to cater all size company including SMB and SME.

CRM online version includes CRM and add-ons like Inventory management and CMS. It has also integrated with IndiaMart, IVR, and bulk SMS. CRM helps the sales team to track Inquiries, quotations and also send reminders notification for follow-ups. It also helps to assign a task or any related work

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What is EDI?

EDI stands for the electronic data interchange, this process is base on the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between companies. EDI is changing the process of faxing and mailing of paper documents. Electronic data interchange documents use in specific computer record formats that are based on widely accepted standards. Every company will use by the standards in a unique way that fits their business needs.

Today around 160,000 used EDI in a variety of industries

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Every Warehouse Needs To Update Their Warehouses With The Latest Technology Of Picking And Putting, To Increase Your Order Picking Productivity And Boost Accuracy There Are The Different Type Of Technology Is Present In The Market If You Look Other Warehouses They Are Using That Type Of New Technology To  Increase Their Business.

Now We Are Talking About That Services They Help You To Increase Your Business, In Our List, There Is Two Important And New Technology Currently Using In The Warehouse

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The mobile application was created to simplify the active control of all processes and material flow as well as all available resources in the warehouse worker’s required actions. The mobile device has simple, Use “Easy Screen”: where all movements inside the warehouse are tracked. Mobile applications can help your warehouse and company save money on multiple fronts to improve your business productivity.

Even if you are using mobile warehouse management apps to support your procedure? Are you f

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Now a days, e commerce platforms are getting more importance worldwide by which people can buy and sell goods and services. E-commerce transactions occur either as a consumer-to-consumer, consumer-to-business, business-to-business or business-to-consumer. It includes technologies such as Internet marketing, electronic data interchange (EDI), mobile commerce, online transaction processing, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management and inventory management systems. Electronic retailing or

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Supply chain management is broadly detailed system used by small and large businesses. It is the process from obtaining raw materials, manufacturing and finally delivering the product to the customer. A well-organized supply chain management defines optimizing operations and functionality to be faster and in the most streamlined and cost-effective way possible.

Supply chain management (SCM) is the most important part of any business as it deals with the effective management of supply chain acti

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Transport Management Systems Are Highly Advancing With The Industrial Revolutions And Arrival Of The Internet. Let’s Take A Look At Future Transportation Technologies And Trends That Are Sure To Impact The Trucking And Transportation Industries Forever.

Driverless Vehicles

Vehicles without Drivers Are Possible, Like Objects Connected To The Internet, To Detect Environmental Factors And Drive Safely Without Presence Of Human

Vehicles Without Drivers Have Already Proven Their Productivity In Th

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