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Conveyor belt system is one of the basic tools in material handling industry. Belt conveyors are mostly use for transportation of bulk materials. It consists of two or more pulleys an endless loop of carrying medium the conveyor belt rotates about them. Both pulleys need to be powered to move the belt and material it carries forward. The powered pulley is called “drive pulley,” the unpowered one is known as “idler pulley.”  Warehouse conveyor belt systems use in general material handling such as

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Technology is rapidly changing and it is an influential part of our day-to-day lives. Supply chain operations have gone through a lot of advancements, with the rise in technology and it’s advancing so quickly that it is difficult to predict what is coming next. Warehousing is an important part of all supply chains. Ways of carrying out warehousing operations have changed with the new automated technologies and modern techniques in the warehouses. We can say that better warehouse technology can b

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The Future of Digital Transformation If EDI

  1. IT Skills Shortage

Cloud computing is rewriting the rules for EDI technology deployment and service consumption models. More businesses are looking to migrate applications, connections, data, and integration to the cloud. This includes EDI. However, as cloud computing has grown to astronomical levels, the need for good talent within an IT department has never been higher.

technical skills and IT skills, in general, are integral to doing busines

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3 months ago

IOT Technology

IoT technology refers to virtually connected objects that communicate with one another through technology. The 3 basic components required are, internet connectivity and sensors and processors that provide the computing power.

With sensors from the physical device, information from the environment can be extracted and passed to a computer system. The data travels through a network. The computer system can make accurate forecasts and provide insight with analytics After combined with AI.



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What is low-code Development?

 Low-code development is a way to design and develop software applications. In low code development, we can develop software fast and with minimal hand-coding. It enables skilled people to deliver value more reliably and more quickly. Low-code uses visual modelling in a graphical interface to assemble and configure applications, developers skip all the infrastructure and re-implementation of patterns that can bog them down and go straight to the unique 10% of an ap

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It seems like every few years or so, the latest and greatest technology appears, and all of a sudden, everyone is speaks it’s going to replace EDI. Years ago, it was XML. A few years back, it was APIs. Now? that is Blockchain

The reality of the matter, however, is that while Blockchain is effective for any certain processes, it will not change all B2B transactional technology. If anything, Blockchain technology will only stand to augment existing EDI systems and work with them

Blockchain does

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Progressive Web Apps are web applications.  Progressive Web Apps are regular websites or web pages. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) also called a new generation of websites. PWAs can appear to the user like native mobile applications or traditional applications. The application type combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of a mobile experience.

Progressive Web apps include features such as push notifications, super-fast load times, smoother navigation, add to the home sc

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Cybersecurity techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs, and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.  Cybersecurity involves protecting systems and information from major cyber threats. These cyber threats take many forms like application attacks, malware, ransomware, phishing, exploit kits.

According to a report by 451 Research, The cyber-security market has reached an infection point whereby organizations need to shift their strategies and have a new, proactive a

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What is it? “A mediator between Manufacturer and the market “or ‘’delivery person for a customer”. this is well known for a concept for every manufacturer dealer, distributor or transporter or who can move the goods for one place to another place?

 It includes coordination between two parties. It holds the material for any company and providing the space for the movement, 

In the supply chain, we need to finalized vendors for goods transportation.  Procuring the quotations and finalizing it wi

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The traditional model of acquisition, known as on-premises software, consists of downloading or installing the software on a server or computer. This traditional model was the most common form of software delivery to business and individuals from 2005.Software developers are now one of the fastest growing areas in the cloud-computing space. According to Juniper Research, In 2018, SaaS will represent 59% of the enterprise cloud-computing market. However, SaaS is not suitable for everyone.There ar

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