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Plastic roof tiles are high quality and practical roof sheet material. Plastic panels are made by extrusion of rigid polyvinyl chloride. Save on plastic roof tiles price in Xingfa.



Test item

Test method

The test condition

Test result


Tensile strength

ISO 527-1:2012 & ISO 527 -2:2012

Testing speed: 50mm/min

23.1 Mpa


Flexural strength

ISO 178:2010/Amd.1:2013 Method A

Test speed: 1mm/min

50.9 Mp

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Guangyuan aluminum manufacturers will teach you how to clean aluminum windows and doors.

It’s natural for windows to gather dirt and along with time, though aluminum frames are low maintenance cost and easy to maintain. The windows are easy to gather dirt and in order to prevent the windows from breaking or requiring repair,they also need to keep clean.


Windows are cleaned differently depending on their age and exact finish. Do you have an aluminum window with powder coating surface ?  If yo

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Naviforce website. Glass Maintenance

Please note to avoid collisions and prevent the glass from being scratched by sharp objects, so as to avoid damage to the glass. It is recommended to check the strap regularly for any problem to prevent the watch from falling and suffering damage.

If the edges are broken or completely damaged, the sealability of the watch may degenerate, which probably affects its waterproof performance. Be sure to replace the watch glass.

Case Maintenance

It is recomm

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Betech-lock protect your home safe.

These days, a contemporary smart lock company provides RFID hotel lock system and an electronic hotel safe to their clients. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and it is most commonly used in the door locks. Nowadays, many businesses prefer to use RFID lock systems to keep their doors safe and secure. Every key card entails data which is encoded on the machine-readable RFID chip. This key plays a primary role in computerized security system. Whene

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Product ParameterModel: Roma 1080Width: 1080mmEfficient width: 940mmThickness: 2.0mm,2.3mm,2.5mm,2.8mm,3.0mmLength: Customized (times of unit length 328mm)Purlin distance: 984mmApplications: Villa. Residential roof etc...Surface finishing: Spot type, standard type.Middle layer finsihing: standard three layers, fiber mesh finishing.


Lasting colorExcellent anti-load CapacityGood Sound InsulationExcellent Corrosion ResistanceGood shock ResistanceLow

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China PVC roof sheet For Building manufacturers - Select 2019 high-quality Pvc Roofing Sheet and PVC corrugated panels for building products in best price from Xingfa.

In 2004, Xingfa Tile Industry Co.,Ltd was found to develop PVC Roof Sheet for the new market demand when it processed only two roofing tile production line with monthly capacity of 80,000㎡,after years development,now it has more than 10 production lines with monthly capacity of over 800,000㎡ .


The main product

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Metmac is a pipe bending machine manufacturers.Offering high quality pipe bending machine in china, Metmac specialize in the Cutting machines, sheet metal roll forming machines, metal working machines, roll forming machines and so on.


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Many people can see the promotional materials about the scramble code function, when they buy HUNE intelligent code door lock. The promotional materials make the usage of this function as easy as possible to understand. But how to use this function in the actual use and how to guarantee the password security?

hune intelligent lock

Data shows that the average person can remember irregular numbers or letters in a short period of time for 7 digits. If the unlock password is less than 7 digits, it is not safe. If the

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Windows and doors are an important part of the house that works both as aesthetics feature and weather barrier both inside and outside of the house. Nowadays, Aluminum profiles, UPVC profiles, and wooden profiles are most popular to be selected as the material of windows and doors. And today, Guangyuan aluminium doors and windows manufacturers are here to help to explain the difference between wooden, UPVC and aluminum windows and doors—which is suitable for your house?

Wooden windows and doors

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Guangdong Guangyuan Aluminum Co.,Ltd has manufactured various architectural construction materials、aluminum industrial profiles、aluminum decorative materials and other advanced aluminum profile for many years. As an experienced aluminum profile manufacturers, Guangyuan is going to show the aluminum profile manufacturing process as bellows:

The first step, sourcing the best raw material—aluminum ingot.The Second step, forming the aluminum ingot into aluminum billet through melting, casting, and

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