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Metmac is a pipe bending machine manufacturers.Offering high quality pipe bending machine in china, Metmac specialize in the Cutting machines, sheet metal roll forming machines, metal working machines, roll forming machines and so on.


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Many people can see the promotional materials about the scramble code function, when they buy HUNE intelligent code door lock. The promotional materials make the usage of this function as easy as possible to understand. But how to use this function in the actual use and how to guarantee the password security?

hune intelligent lock

Data shows that the average person can remember irregular numbers or letters in a short period of time for 7 digits. If the unlock password is less than 7 digits, it is not safe. If the

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Windows and doors are an important part of the house that works both as aesthetics feature and weather barrier both inside and outside of the house. Nowadays, Aluminum profiles, UPVC profiles, and wooden profiles are most popular to be selected as the material of windows and doors. And today, Guangyuan aluminium doors and windows manufacturers are here to help to explain the difference between wooden, UPVC and aluminum windows and doors—which is suitable for your house?

Wooden windows and doors

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Guangdong Guangyuan Aluminum Co.,Ltd has manufactured various architectural construction materials、aluminum industrial profiles、aluminum decorative materials and other advanced aluminum profile for many years. As an experienced aluminum profile manufacturers, Guangyuan is going to show the aluminum profile manufacturing process as bellows:

The first step, sourcing the best raw material—aluminum ingot.The Second step, forming the aluminum ingot into aluminum billet through melting, casting, and

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Aluminum Profiles is widely used in many expects, because of its unique characteristics.

First of all, aluminum profiles are lightweight and have small density compare to other metal, like steel and copper.It’s better in the transportation area such as aircraft, boating and automobile industries because saving more energy when those operate. Besides, aluminum profiles can be used as Architectural construction materials, especially Aluminum Curtain Wall. 

aluminum curtain wall

Aluminum Curtain Wall                

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The network of smart lock is a typical three-layer structure of IoT. They are perception layer, transmission layer and application layer. Perception layer consists of intelligent lock and smart phone APP, transmission layer includes smart gateway and mobile communication base station, and application layer is the intelligent lock cloud platform.

smart card key lock

In the perception layer, most of smart locks are powered by batteries. Due to the limitation of power consumption, its communication modes mainly inc

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Since 2004, xingfa have been a quality manufacturer of PVC plastic Roof Sheet in China for clients worldwide. Our product are widely used in garden construction, industrial premises,market, warehouse and greenhouse cultivation.

Our output can reach 80,000㎡ per month, so when it comes to volume orders,we have your covered orders can be shipped in as fast as 7 days, and our minimum order requirement is 1000㎡.With years`s experience in pvc roofing sheets field, Xingfa has been focusing on product

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Corrugated roof sheets are a cheap way to cover yards, sheds or greenhouses in several colors, white, blue and green, as well as opaque colors and clear plastic. These panels allow harsh light to penetrate the roof and protect you from the rain.You can get multiple lengths of corrugated roofing sheets to reduce the amount of cutting required to make it suitable for your project, but you can't avoid cutting some panels during the installation process. Use appropriate tools to cut corrugated roofi

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Colornow cosmetic shows you the distinction between a man's shampoo and a woman's? Can a lady use a boy's shampoo? Actually, do now not have a too large difference, the impact that brings to the hair only is different. Next, let's look at the difference between men's and women's hair care shampoos.

In fact, shampoos are unisex, and the average man USES them because men's hair is greater oily than women's. It does not remember if you use it, however, it's best to work with your hair selection. I

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Smart door lock is a new era of smart home entry-level products. More and more families are replacing their mechanical locks with smart fingerprint locks. If you can pay attention to the maintenance of fingerprint lock in daily use, it will extend the service life of the lock. How to maintain fingerprint lock? HUNE give some suggestions about fingerprint lock maintain.

how to maintain fingerprint lock

1. Do not disassemble fingerprint lock without permission

Smart door locks are more complex than traditional mechanical lock

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