Are you an ambitious event organizer? A successful presentation has the potential to change your destiny. If you are planning to host any gala event, you can decorate your hallways, ballroom and dining space with chandelier Grandeur Drop Acrylic Diamond Chandelier can be the perfect option. Buy it from razatrade at a wholesale price.

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Party Backdrops

Our sequin curtain panel backdrop in champagne assists you in capturing beautiful photos in parties. It is manufactured using large round sequins on mesh base for long-lasting use. This photography background can be used on several festive occasions like wedding, birthday parties, marriage anniversaries, Christmas parties and other theme based celebrations. Get it from razatrade at a wholesale price.

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Candle Holder

With high-quality metallic gold base and raised round gold platform for holding the candle, this candle holder will bring a modish twist to any space and ambiance!. Gorgeously fashioned in a quirky cage frame design and glamorously tinted in solid black hue, this classy cage candle holder will add a whimsical flair into your tablescapes and party ambiance. Don't wait to buy it now from razatrade at wholesale price.

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Candles Bowl

Illuminate beautiful floating candles in the most stunning way with this floating candle bowl. This wholesale floating candle bowl is ideal for waterproof LED lights as well as floating candles. It can also be used as a decorating accent on any event or party.

Our Price: $4.49

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

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Cake Stand

Brand New 3 Tier Individual Cake Stand. Our tubes are clear acrylic, which means you can decorate the inside of the tube with theme color flowers, battery lights, or other colored items to match your theme. Each tier of the cake stand is separated. Why is this good? Simple, this allows you to arrange in any design you like on any size table. Much more flexibility.

Retail Price - $150+

Our Price: $45.99

Order Now.

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