Connect your home TV with a #Roku device using an HDMI cable and plug in one end of the cable to the Roku set up box and the other end of the cable to the home TV. Select the HDMI option using the input button on the #remote control and then you can select your required language to follow the onscreen instructions. Further, connect to your wireless network by entering the wireless #network code or password and choose either wired or wireless option.  Then, sign in to your Roku.com/link and use t

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The setup process is the same for all the device variants under the Roku brand. You just need to know some few easy steps for the streaming stick plus setup.

  • In the first place, after unboxing the package you will get the streaming stick, HDMI cable, USB cable, and Roku #remote
  • Subsequently, you can connect the streaming stick plus to the HDMI port of your television
  • But it is better to connect the stick to the power port using the USB cable to avoid any power interruption from TV
  • Sign in
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Use your #Roku #streaming #remote to search for the channel. There will be an arrow key on your remote to scroll on the channels. Click the ok button on the remote once find the HBO GO channel. It will open up the page with the #channel information. Then again click Ok button on the Add tab in the screen. By clicking on it, the page will redirect to the payment gateway. Then the #HBOGO channel will be added to your subscription list of channels.

Further details visit hbogo.com/activate page or

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Voice search

#Roku search is a familiar task amid streaming the channels. Enabling the voice search will ease all your searches made on movies, actors and shows, etc. Get the voice search option on the Roku #remote for higher-end device #models. And now it is also available on the Roku mobile #app.

Substitute for your Roku remote

Breaking your remote and bawling with your buddy is a very common thing. Say no more aggravating times if you have broken your Roku #remote. For instance, to navigat

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